Chinese invasion of Swansea and Gower
30th June 2014
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Well it's more an invasion of flowers native to China and the Himalayas which are threatening to smother a plant that only thrives outside Swansea on Gower.

Apparently the only patch of yellow whitlowgrass surviving in the British Isles is hanging on (just).

The plant is underthreat from more robust foreign plants that have taken hold and are smothering it.

There are numerous examples of plants introduced from abroad that have taken hold with a ferocity in British climes.

Famous ones are of course the rhodedendron and the infamous one the Japanese Knotwood.

Whilst there are various schemes that the Welsh Assembly has in place to encourage responsible management of wildflowers it seems a shame that we could lose an indigenous plant especially at the expense of a foregn invader!   

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