Bells of Santiago
7th December 2013
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The story of the bells of Santiago which was born out of tragedy is a really interesting historical link between Swansea and South America.

A fire in 1863 that resulted in the death of 2500 people broke out in a Church in Santiago Chile totally destroyed the building.

The only items that survived intact were three giant bells.

They were recovered to Swansea by an enterprising business man Graham Vivian.

He gave them to his church - All Saints in Mumbles where they stayed for close to 150 years.

Representations were made by the Chilean authorities to the Church in Wales to get the bells repatriated.

Agreenment was reached in 2009 where the church felt that the right and proper thing to do was to send them home.

Lots has been written about this fascinating story over the years and with the 150th anniversary coming up its interesting to revisit it again. .

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