Are cyclists becoming a menace on the pavements of Swansea?
16th September 2014
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There has been a steady rise in the number of incidents involving cyclists riding on Swansea pavements.

With the fantastic success that Great Britain has seen over the last few years in cycling at the Olympic and Commonwealth Games as well as at the Tour de France the number of people taking to the roads using pedal power has dramatically increased.

We are often told about the healthy properties of taking to the saddle and leaving the car at home.

However there is now an increasing trend of anti social behaviour involving people riding their bikes on the pavement.

There has been a number of accidents involving pedestrians and speeding cyclists that have prompted calls for the police to be more active.

For their part community officers will stop cyclists and issue official warnings  as well as fixed penalty notices of £30 for repeat offenders.

All everyone wants is a bit of consideration for all users whether in car on bike or pedestrians.

So come on bike riders stay on the road and off the pavement!

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