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Party Season Is Coming!

03 November 2016 16:52

Why not have an event completely catered to you this Winter? Bespoke parties completely tailored and brought to your door this festive season.. (washing up included!)

Afternoon Tea Week 8th - 14th August

A Celebration of Afternoon Week with Pretty Odd - What's The Appeal?

June Happenings in Sutton Coldfield!

Come and celebrate with us at lots of lovely local events!

Get Patriotic! 5 Easy ways to celebrate The Queen’s 90th this June...

As Purveyors of the time-honoured British tradition of Afternoon Tea, June will be a busy month for us - as it’s the month of Her Madge’s Second 90th Birthday. If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to join in the festivities, here are our 5 tips:

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