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Twigg Flowers are a local Sutton Coldfield business, working with only British-grown flowers, that celebrate our seasons!

Twigg Flowers produce beautiful, sustainable floral designs that reflect each season. Based in Sutton Coldfield, owner Megan Barradell has a passion for British-grown flowers and grows the flowers in her own South Leicestershire plot. 

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It is very important to Twigg Flowers and Megan that everything they produce has very little impact on the environment. All of their flowers and foliage are British-grown, many in their own plot in Leicestershire. 

The flowers they grow are 100% floral foam free, which is a hugely damaging product of the petroleum industry. Megan is also working towards Twigg becoming organic certified, as no chemical fertilisers or pesticides are used during growing their flowers. 

Twigg Flowers are always careful about what they plant, striking a balance to encourage a range of wildlife while also delivering exciting floral designs for their customers. In the long term, Twigg Flowers aim to spread their work widely into the community of Sutton Coldfield, enabling groups to benefit from the positive impact of working with a variety of plants and connecting to nature!

Take a visit to Maxstoke Road in Sutton Coldfield, where Megan sells her beautiful flowers outside her home every Friday!

How Twigg Flowers was established

Twigg Flowers had been a dream of Megan's for a long time, and was then soon brought to life in 2020. Due to the pandemic, Megan had more time to plan the business and make it a reality, with a passion for being outdoors amongst the animals and plants!

Megan started her floristry career over 20 years ago after taking a City and Guilds qualification, she then went on to create amazing arrangements for many occasions, including funerals and weddings.  

Why Choose British Grown Flowers?

Flowers are often sourced from aboard and imported into the UK, usually from places like Peru and Columbia. This creates a huge carbon footprint, can contribute to the exploitation of workers and also uses more chemicals due to fewer regulations. For Twigg Flowers, it’s clear that flowers are a luxury and something we should enjoy responsibly and ethically, without compromising on quality. 

  • No Floral Foam & Plastics
  • No Imported Flowers
  • Enjoying The Beauty of our Seasons
  • Supporting Nature 

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