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For many women, especially with children, dealing with work life balance and career decisions can be daunting but not once you get in touch with The Balance Collective! No matter how insignificant you feel your challenges are they will disappear with the straight talking, compassionate approach. You'll not regret it!
Clara is an excellent trainer, coach and speaker as I've been lucky enough to see her talk and experience her training a few times now. She matched the pace of her training to her audience and somehow manages to really help those who struggle as well as the more experienced attendees. Can highly recommend.
I have worked with Clara who runs Balanced Collective for a couple of years. She is a fabulous coach with a huge passion for supporting women returning to the workplace after maternity leave and a general all round advocate of work life balance! She is warm, approachable and supportive with a great sense of humour. Just what you need to encourage your confidence and value.
Clara is such an inspiration - she has helped us at the yoga Collective to realise our full potential . Her amazing blogs and training continue to be a great source of motivation - she is awesome 👍
Clara is so friendly and welcoming, that it's easy to relax and just talk. I love working with her, she is inspiring and motivating all the time.
Would highly recommend a chat with Clara for guidance and advice when looking to return to work, update your CV or to get great tips on using Linkedin!
Clara is really focused and dedicated to helping her clients. Love reading her blogs and helpful book recommendations!
Clara Wilcox is both an excellent speaker, I have heard her speak at 2 events now, and a really effective coach/trainer as I experienced on one of her recent LinkedIn courses. She knows her subject and delivers her experience and insight in a way that's easy to understand and effective. I came back from the course and immediately put into practive what I had learned. I can highly recommend.
Work Life Balance is more important than you realise & Clara gave useful advice which enabled me to make positive changes. I thoroughly enjoyed the group session.
Without Clara's calm and encouraging coaching I would not be where I am today. I found her professionalism, her calmness and intuition very reassuring which gave me the strength and courage to start my new business. She is a very friendly and engaging person and gives you belief in yourself and your own abilities. I have and always will recommend Clara to anyoneaand everwho cares to listen.
Clara is, without a doubt, one of the calmest, most soothing people to talk to. She makes you feel relaxed - an excellent skill for a coach - and ready to work out your next career move. Plus, excellent at helping you sort a work-life balance - the best person for the job.
I've been using the Blog from the Balance Collective since it started - being a self employed contractor makes it really difficult to expect flexible support from Employers but Clara has helped to provide practical solutions which have helped me manage my work balance whilst still being there for my kids. I wholeheartly recommend Clara for anyone looking to gain a decent work life balance and counter challenges from employers to allow you to achieve this
Clara is fantastic at providing support to parents who are thinking about their careers and the directions they want but to take. Her blogs provide information you can return to and think about and her book reviews are excellent.
Highly recommend - a supportive and motivational lady, with a desire and dream to aide others. Making a difference in people’s lives for the better !
Love the passion Clara has and the hard work she puts in for something that is so important. The workshop really got me thinking about what I want out of my work and family life. Thank you.
I highly recommend Clara at The Balance Collective! She is very knowledgeable about clarifying your career goals, looking over your CV and giving interview tips etc. Four months of job-hunting and now I'm about to start my third week in my brilliant new job (advertised FT) with part-time hours negotiated using Clara's savvy advice ;) . Thanks again Clara x
Clara is an amazing lady with the ability to make you look within yourself, Challenge your thoughts and enable you to move forward confidently and creatively.
Clara, is exceptionally knowledgeable as you would expect her to be however she is a great coach and presenter she moves her sessions on at the pace her audience needs and answers numerous diverse questions with skill and always keeps her sessions moving forwards so that you really do achieve your goals. Can highly recommend.
Worklife balance is so important and TBC shows you how to do just that :)
Clara is amazing. She has exceptional coaching skills and is able to make real impact in a very short space of time. Working with Clara gave me the clarity and focus I needed to make key decisions about my future career. With Clara's help, I not only bagged a job that is perfect for me, I also discovered loads about myself and am feeling more confident about work than I have in a long time! Thank you Clara.
Clara recently came and lead a workshop to my team of volunteers on Self- Care and work life balance. She was amazing !!! My volunteers totally connected with her, she was creative, inspiring, relevant and real. Clara works with integrity and lives what she teaches . I have had some great feedback from all who attended her workshop and I will definitely want to work with Clara again in the future.
Clara at The Balance Collective is a wonderful lady with a fab business concept - she's always a pleasure to speak to and a really positive outlook. Her advice on life and career is perfect for those who are struggling with career changes, getting back into work and general work/life improvement!
Clara is a real inspiration to parents looking to return to work. She is approachable and highly recommended.
I met Clara when I was all at sea with career options while on maternity leave. She was able to offer practical insightful advice on how to focus and approach my future. Highly recommended!
Excellent advice, really refreshing views and opinions of work life balance. Always something usefull being discussed in Clara's blogs.
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