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Excellent friendly service. I've used Health Rise for supplements and advice and know a lot of friends also use them and have had fantastic results physically. Highly recommended.
Very informative and helpful, highly recommended !
Health Rise is fantastic! With a great selection of natural remedies, you will feel like a new person! So helpful, the customer service is great!
Can't Thank Jennie enough for all the help and advice she has given. Would definitely recommend!
Jennie has really helped me with getting my diet and supplement intake on track. Would highly recommend!
Jennie is so knowledgeable and helpful and she has a great range of supplements at reasonable prices!
I've sought advice from at Health Rise and simply can't put into words how absolutely amazing they were.!! Super caring, professional and a total font of knowledge for all things health related. I also follow them on social media channels and look forward to their regular informative posts, sharing their knowledge and experience.
Very informative - helping us make informed decisions on our lifestyle choices
I first contacted Jennie some months ago for a consultation. She was really understanding and professional and did warn me if I didn't look after myself and eat properly, find time for myself an reduce my stress levels and exercise more, I'd be in for serious health issues. She recommended some supplements and gave me some great advice and off I went. Some issues happened with the business and as usual, I put myself at the back of the queue and went through a horrendous twelve months. Low and behold I didnt follow the advice and I have ended up with a stomach ulcer and was left feeling exhausted, deflated and quite ill. I went to see Jennie with my tail between my legs, knowing I hadn't followed her advise and this is where it had left me, exactly what she had warned me about. However, Jennie wasn't judgemental, she was just concerned for me and we went back through a diagnosis and consultation and I promised to follow what she advised this time as my health was so poor I didnt have a choice. She gave me a comprehensive report, along with what to eat and not too. I have now cut out alcohol for at least three month period to try and get rid of the H-PLori whilst following a strict organic diet and no gluten or dairy. Jennie has recommended loads of alternatives and regularly checks in on me to see how we are doing. She has some great recipes too! I'm still on my road to recovery and we need to sort my hormone imbalance if I am to prepare myself so I can have a baby, but first things first, we need to sort the ulcer. I've lost 1stone and 8lbs so far, so I need to keep on going and I am at least able to get through the day without having to nap as the illness was pulling all my nutrients from my body. I can't thank Jennie enough and would highly recommend her to anyone with any health issues, skin problems, hormone issues or looking to prolong their life. She really rocks.
Jennie is amazing. She has turned my life around and made me think about my life! Thanks
I would highly recommend Jennie Collinge and Health Rise. The advice, service and after support I received was fantastic. A great company and a fantastic lady - don't hesitate in talking to Jennie and using Health Rise.
Jennie is fantastic, honest and straight to the point. Her weather of knowledge has dramatically improved my wellbeing.
I honestly cannot think of another company that I could recommend as highly as Health Rise! The most important thing we have in our lives is health and being and before becoming a client of Health Rise my heath was severely suffering to the point where I thought I would be unable to work and ever carry out a normal life again. I had suffered with many autoimmune conditions and fibromyalgia which was becoming debilitating. The multitude of medication I had been prescribed seemed to be doing more hard then good, I was desperate to get better! From my first appointment Jennie was extremely professional and thorough and was able to provide me with detailed advise and supplementation which began making a difference immediately. It was hard work but I was determined to be well again so followed Jennie's advise carefully. I made the recommended changes to my diet and lifestyle as well as took the supplementations she suggested and I now have a new lease on life. I see Jennie regularly and find her knowledge and support invaluable, and so very grateful to feel well again! And all naturally without prescriptions medicine. A massive thank you Jennie and Health Rise!
I had suffered with acne for a few years on and off, Jennie has managed to help me keep my skin clear naturally without prescription drugs or creams! Through diet and natural oils I have managed to drastically reduce my acne and feel so much better. I know I would not of done it without the support and knowledge Jennie has. Thank you so much!
Jennie at Health Rise has provided me we a completely different angle to being healthy. As someone who prided myself on being up-to-date on nutritional knowledge, Jennie has taught me how important gut health is and due to implementing her recommendations, I feel even better than I did before. I would highly recommend you see Jennie, as there is always room for improvement.
My consultation with Jennie was very thorough, but in an extremely relaxed environment. She has a great ability to empathise with you and has recommended some simple but effective solutions to help me. She has a wide range of good quality supplements at reasonable prices. Thanks Jennie, highly recommended.
Jennie has a great way with people and is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of health and nutrition. Would highly recommend her to anyone in need of advice and some great supplements.
Jennie provides a thoroughly professional health review and her recommendations are excellent. I would wholeheartedly recommend her. Thank you.
Amazing Lady. Very helpful - made my body feel so much better!
I had my first appointment with Jennie on Tuesday .Her knowledge ,inspiration and motivation to live life to the fullest is amazing . Even if you feel you are living healthily Jennie made me realise there is still more you can do to prevent illness and cure certain illnesses. Thankyou so much Jennie you have inspired me no end .Will certainly recommending Jennie to friends and family .
After experiencing several health issues, I visited Jennie at Health Rise who isolated that the quality of my nutrition was poor and contributing to my illnesses. After implementing her advice that fitted into my lifestyle, I now have more energy and have seen my health improve drastically. I no longer need frequent visits to the doctors as Jennie's expertise has resulted in me being symptom-free. My health and wellbeing has been dramatically improved. I would and do highly recommend Health Rise
Having been affected by chronic illness for most of my life, I have felt at constant war with my body rather than in harmony with it. In July 2016 I had the most horrendous flare up and the whole ordeal terrified me. I then booked in to see Jennie at HEalth Rise, desperate for anything that might help me get my life back. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for the knowledge and support Health Rise has offered me.Jennie was a breath of fresh air, she has a depth of knowledge in her field and is passionate for helping others. The most valuable thing anyone can have in life is their health and with the passionate team at Health Rise I am certain anyone can improve their health. I cannot recommend them enough!
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