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Gayle is a very talented copywriter and has written a number of pieces for organisations that i deal with on a regular basis.
Gayle is a fantastic copywriter - she's worked with us in the past and I'm hoping to use her skills in the near future on a couple of projects! Brilliant with putting what you do into words and much better than we ever could, she's a real asset to your brand.
this company goes the extra mile and what service just brilliant
Great service, nothing is too much trouble and they are so professional
Gayle is great at what she does, highly recommended !
It's only when you've used Gayle that you realise what a hash you made of trying to do things yourself. If you need written content, please use Gayle. She'll have a chat with you and then transform it into an amazing piece of written work. Recommended
I wish Gayle could write this for me..... she knows exactly what to say and how best to get your message across. That's why I use her and why I'll be using her again very soon. Thanks Gayle
Excellent service and attentive staff very impressed with the work
Gayle is a brilliant copywriter with a wealth of experience. Very creative, friendly and professional - would recommend she look over everyone's website copy.
Gayle offers a great service and is very knowledgable on her field. She makes your website or blog look fantastic with her words, I was so surprised at how fantastic she made me sound! Great customer service and Gayle is so friendly!
Gayle is a genius at writing content for blogs and websites! Highly recommend!
Gayle has helped me greatly over the last few years from re-vamping my website to writing business letters and blogs. I would highly recommend her talents!
Gail has a wonderful ability to use the right words to make everything sound amazing! If you need words written for anything or your media managed then Gail is the person for you.
Gayle has been a great help in coaching me through the website and online marketing approaches i needed as I set up my own learning consultancy business. She is confident, articulate and a good listener (plus patient as well).
Gayle's service is great; not just revamping my website to draw in business from internet searches, but she is always there to share insightful advice to support my blog.
GE Copywriter are the go to when you need to cast fresh eyes over your copy. A clear understanding of what readers are looking for instead of what a business thinks they should say. I would highly recommend Gayle - her website healthcheck is a no brainer!
Gayle not only has a way with words, but clearly knows her stuff about websites and all things related. She's a lovely lady to deal with, professional and approachable, wouldn't hesitate to recommend her.
WOW! I was amazed how much knowledge and expertise Gayle had to offer. I needed support with the SEO on my website, as i was struggling to get the green lights lite up on my Yoast SEO program. I had limited knowledge on what best to input and didn't really know exactly what i was doing! Gayle made SEO simple to understand and learn. So much so that I now know how to focus my blogs in accordance with what my customer would be searching for and so that i can be located within my local area. I have used Gayle's service for other matters since and can't fault! Thank you :)
I used GE Copywriters services when requiring a Website Health Check for my business website. The information received was of value and covered quite a few different areas, I can confidently say it was worthwhile having a fresh pair of eyes look over the site. The service was professionall but also friendly and would have no hesitation in recommending.
I was really pushed to meet a deadline when redoing my website and Gayle turned my musings into engaging narrative super fast; brilliant service wouldn't hesitate to recommend.
Gayle is brilliant at what she does! Her writing style is great and I’d highly recommend her services.
Gayle is simply brilliant and has a great way with words. I have been impressed with every piece of work she has done for my business and can't recommend her highly enough!
I recently attended a blogging workshop where Gayle trained us on blogging. She is a font of knowledge and I have already applied her insights into my business.
Gayle is friendly, helpful and easy to work with. She has made such a difference to my website and blog . I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Gayle's skills to others.
I was put in touch with Gayle to write a profile about our company and i wasnt disappointed. She listened to the information I gave her about what makes the company tick and was able to put what I was thinking into words. The resulting product was engaging and interesting and I would definitely recommend Gayle to anyone that needs a copywriter.
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