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Moore Green Chartered Accountants, Sudbury

When I first started as a photographer, although it was only landscape then, I used the internet to find a local accountant to do my books. Moore Green were the first that I came across and after a initial phone call a meeting was set up with Vincent Chandler and myself. This meeting was given free and right from the start I was made to feel comfortable. And they made it clear what they could do for me. Over the years when I needed any advice all I had to do was make a call and it was no problem for them to advise me in what I needed to do. I would certainly recommend them to anyone who requires a experienced and ever helpful accountancy

Polyspiral Graphic Design, Sudbury

When I first met Abbie I had a very basic website which was not over impressive. After discovering what her line of work was I immediately asked if she could create a better site for me. Abbie was very professional and creative in her approach in making the website for me. Since then I have had many impressed comments on it and how it looked. When I need support Abbie is very quick helping me and sorting out the problem. She also has some great ideas for the future for me also. If anyone needs a professional site which is supported by good back up then I would recommend Abbie to them.