Community Groups
Sudbury Speaker Club
The Bridge Project, Gainsborough Street, Sudbury, Suffolk, , CO10 2EU
Is a friendly welcoming club in the heart of Sudbury. It's a place where you can develop and practice your communication skills, in a supportive welcoming environment, with the help support and encouragement of the members. See more
Suffolk Hate Crime Service
1 The Croft, Sudbury, Suffolk, United Kingdom, , CO10 1HN
Hate crime can be reported through one of our Third Party Reporting Centres. This enables people to report to people they may be familiar with or comfortable with discussing these issues. All Third Party Reporting Centres have received training on what to do if a hate crime is reported to them and they will in turn advise us, or Suffolk Police of the incident. See more
The Befriending Scheme
1, The Croft, Sudbury, Suffolk, United Kingdom, , CO10 1HN
The Befriending Scheme provides friendship and learning opportunities for adults (16yrs+) from vulnerable groups, including those with mental health needs and older people, as well as our existing members with learning disabilities. See more
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