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Personal Best Studio, Stroud

Since I last visited Personal Best I have struggled with my fitness, had numerous tests, until recently being diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. I went through the 'why me' and all sorts of pointless negative feelings. The medical profession have not yet found the cause or the cure, so after research I decided to follow a diet with no dairy or meat. The plus side is I have always loved fruit, veg and fish, so have lots! The symptoms haven't gone away, but they haven't progressed either. Every day I do a combination of special exercises set by my MS specialist physiotherapist combined with exercises I learnt at Personal Best. I have always loved sailing and have just returned from sailing across the Atlantic on a square rigged ship called Tenacious which is run by the Jubilee Sailing Trust (a brilliant charity which helps people with all sorts of disabilities) Personal Best have taught me the importance of a correctly thought out exercise routine. They are a dedicated team who really want to help you and have inspired me. Exercise combined with a proper diet makes for a healthy life! Best wishes to all the Personal Best team.