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Personal Best Studio, Stroud

After years and years of pain, which has kept me up at nights, stopped me from doing so many activities, Kristine from Personal Best has finally been able to make me become a PAIN FREE lady! Maybe only those of you who have sever pain anywhere, can understand how much it effects not only your life but who you are as a person. I walked into the reception on my first meeting not sure of what the out come was going to be and who Personal Best really were and what they stood for. As soon as I was greeted by a smiling happy kind receptionist, I felt a sense of calm. Then straight away with meeting Kristine, I felt safe that she knew what she is doing and saying and that I was going to be healed and my trust in her was huge and it has proven to be correct to have had that faith. She has the knowledge, the skill set, the talent, the passion, the nurturing to help you, and not to just pass you off as no hope! From my time there and seeing the other staff and how they interact with everyone including myself, I know this principle applies in all areas! It HAS made me MY PERSONAL BEST! I am so happy, I have so much more energy, I can do things like walk, with out being in pain! I can PLAY with my children and feel the way I used to feel so many years ago. I still have a journey to keep going and some more exciting things I will start doing with the trainers and classes and all of this is so fantastic! They are without doubt one big happy family, that everyone will want to be part of and not only that, you have the peace in your mind and peace in your body. In this sometimes fast paced, noisy, loud world, with pain in your body, than to have peace inside and out and this is what Personal Best gives you. Your best self. Nadia