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Personal Best Studio, Stroud

I was given an hour’s personal tuition as a birthday gift. I am just 68, had never been a member of a gym before and approached my session with Simon with some trepidation! I need not have worried! Simon took me through a series of stretch exercises which I was able to do , very much helped by his caring attitude and encouragement . As a golfer who wishes to improve, Simon led me through the exercises many of which he was able to relate to the golf swing, stance etc. which I do understand that if I continued my suppleness and general well being would improve –as would my golf. I have just had a follow up session and Simon videoed the 16 or so exercises on my phone so that I can remember what I’m meant to be doing! Not to be released to my family on Facebook, but again very helpful. I intend to join one of their stretch classes and am sure that continuing with the exercises will not only improve my golf but also my general physical well-being.