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Some really amazing deals are coming to a letterbox near you if you live in the GL or SN Postcode areas - or contact us via the website and we'll email a voucher.
The Fifth Dimension in Stroud has some really amazing new gym equipment and systems, including "the key" which allows your trainer to load your exact fitness programme on to all the equipment and keep a track of EXACTLY how you are doing!
An easy to follow 3 week plan that is designed to help you lose up to half a stone the healthy way.
Look out for some great offers coming through your door soon - and there are even MORE on the website !
We want to prove to the UK that The Cotswolds, and Stroud in particular, has some GREAT local businesses - click on the link to vote for YOUR favourite,and you could win some fabby prizes too!
Stroud residents get behind local businesses - recommending them for inclusion in TOP 20 UK BUSINESSES LISTING!!
If you don't have any, you soon will! 12" of snow fell with us last night, and after a brief respite this morning, it's snowing again!
Happy New Year to Stroud!
Happy New Year to Stroud!
2010 is going to be "a year of change" - according to David Cameron this morning .....
The Rookie Drive road skills initiative provides an ideal opportunity for teenagers aged 13 years and over to get their first experience behind the wheel of a car. And not just any car, but today’s hottest of hot hatches, the Clio Renaultsport 200 Cup.
thebestofstroud is looking for some top rated, recommended, local businesses to add to its successful website for the area.
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