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Personal Best is a fantastic concept where all areas of fitness and wellbeing are catered for. The service and attention to detail is second to none. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to better themselves in anyway.
Having personal best recommended to me via a friend was the start of an educational journey to finding me! No I do not exaggerate, an initial consultation to get advice on sports foot wear And my running style ( more to the point lack off!) In the 2 or so years of using personal best I have had amazing help and support for my many injuries and problems and have nothing but respect for the teams hard work and dedication
Over the past several years my wife and I have been provided with a wonderful service by Personal Best. This has covered circuit training and stretch classes, chiropractic and podiatrist services, massages etc all delivered with expertise and unfailing good humour by a number of the Personal Best staff.

We feel very well looked after and would unhesitatingly recommend Personal Best to anyone looking to improve their fitness or health.
I first visited Kristine with a reoccurring neck injury - I had tried alternative treatments over the years but none of them had been successful. Within a relatively short time Kristine had resolved the problem for which I am very thankful! I now take advantage of Personal Best's other fabulous and varied offerings and always look forward to my time there. The staff are warm, friendly and efficient and the facilities very relaxing. I cannot recommend Personal Best highly enough.
Personal Best have always been on hand to keep the family in working order. With busy lives we need plenty of attention. Which we get with great care and feel much better for a session. Whether it be for, our backs feet or massage. We could not be without Personal Best. Always the Best.
Since I last visited Personal Best I have struggled with my fitness, had numerous tests, until recently being diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. I went through the 'why me' and all sorts of pointless negative feelings.
The medical profession have not yet found the cause or the cure, so after research I decided to follow a diet with no dairy or meat. The plus side is I have always loved fruit, veg and fish, so have lots!
The symptoms haven't gone away, but they haven't progressed either.
Every day I do a combination of special exercises set by my MS specialist physiotherapist combined with exercises I learnt at Personal Best.

I have always loved sailing and have just returned from sailing across the Atlantic on a square rigged ship called Tenacious which is run by the Jubilee Sailing Trust
(a brilliant charity which helps people with all sorts of disabilities)

Personal Best have taught me the importance of a correctly thought out exercise routine.
They are a dedicated team who really want to help you and have inspired me.

Exercise combined with a proper diet makes for a healthy life!

Best wishes to all the Personal Best team.
Although it is some years since I attended the Gym my aim then was to get fitter to retire. With a great deal of support they turned a blob into someone who could run a half marathon in just over two hours. My running days are over but walking,stretching and golf keep me active.
What I learnt about me and my limits have helped me in many ways
Thank you,
Without the care and support from Personal Best Circuits and Training sessions I would not have been able to achieve my goal of celebrating my 65th birthday at 18000 feet above sea level and minus 15 deg C after trekking to Mt Everest Base Camp in the Himalayas. The care and dedication of Kristine, Carl and the Team is exceptional and second to none.
I wish you a very happy 15th birthday and long may you continue to support us in the Five Valleys
After years and years of pain, which has kept me up at nights, stopped me from doing so many activities, Kristine from Personal Best has finally been able to make me become a PAIN FREE lady! Maybe only those of you who have sever pain anywhere, can understand how much it effects not only your life but who you are as a person.
I walked into the reception on my first meeting not sure of what the out come was going to be and who Personal Best really were and what they stood for. As soon as I was greeted by a smiling happy kind receptionist, I felt a sense of calm. Then straight away with meeting Kristine, I felt safe that she knew what she is doing and saying and that I was going to be healed and my trust in her was huge and it has proven to be correct to have had that faith. She has the knowledge, the skill set, the talent, the passion, the nurturing to help you, and not to just pass you off as no hope! From my time there and seeing the other staff and how they interact with everyone including myself, I know this principle applies in all areas!
It HAS made me MY PERSONAL BEST! I am so happy, I have so much more energy, I can do things like walk, with out being in pain! I can PLAY with my children and feel the way I used to feel so many years ago.
I still have a journey to keep going and some more exciting things I will start doing with the trainers and classes and all of this is so fantastic! They are without doubt one big happy family, that everyone will want to be part of and not only that, you have the peace in your mind and peace in your body.
In this sometimes fast paced, noisy, loud world, with pain in your body, than to have peace inside and out and this is what Personal Best gives you.
Your best self. Nadia
Personal Best really is the BEST.
Whether you are trying to get fit, stay fit or are recovering from surgery, there is always someone among the clinic and/or studio staff who can help you. Whilst they are very professional you are treated as a very important individual. I have no hesitation in recommending Personal Best
I felt I had to email you to say how much I have enjoyed my visits to Personal Best.

Carl, as a personal trainer you are the best, you always give me your full attention for the hole hour and push me and spur be on to help keep my "old bones" working. You gave me confidence in myself.

Kristine you are amazing, your knowledge of the human anatomy is second to none, and as a team you have helped me lead a fit and active life now I have reached 70 !!

Wishing you all the best for 2016
Health and Happiness - I'll trade a bit of Wealth for that! These guys are at the top of their game.
I can't say enough good things about Kristine at Personal Best - truly amazing - such a professional - knows her stuff - would recommend her to everyone
Fantastic place - more like a sanctuary - everything at Personal Best feels good! Always a friendly welcome, and I always feel good after my weekly stretch class with Carl. One of the best things is the flexibility that he can offer by running 3 classes a week, enabling me to somehow get my fix
Really enjoying the stretch classes. I would happily recommend
I was given an hour’s personal tuition as a birthday gift. I am just 68, had never been a member of a gym before and approached my session with Simon with some trepidation! I need not have worried!

Simon took me through a series of stretch exercises which I was able to do , very much helped by his caring attitude and encouragement . As a golfer who wishes to improve, Simon led me through the exercises

many of which he was able to relate to the golf swing, stance etc. which I do understand that if I continued my suppleness and general well being would improve –as would my golf. I have just had a follow up session and Simon videoed the 16 or so exercises on my phone so that I can remember what I’m meant to be doing! Not to be released to my family on Facebook, but again very helpful. I intend to join one of their stretch classes and am sure that continuing with the exercises will not only improve my golf but also my general physical well-being.
I have suffered from back problems for over 40 years and have seen many practitioners with varying results. I was recommended to PB about 6 years ago and thanks to their skills, patience and friendship now enjoy a relatively pain free active lifestyle.

Kristine and Karl has been especially helpful in "keeping me going". A year ago last May I damaged my back "again", on the Saturday I was in agony, in bed hardly able to move. Contacted PB, Karl gave me treatment and exercise and on Tuesday I was playing golf on holiday in Mauritius!
All of the staff are very friendly and welcoming and make the exercises fun and are tailored to your personal needs and time restraints.

If you are in need of treatment, an exercises plan or just good advice don't hesitate to contact them, you like me, won't regret it.
Fabulous! Kristine has diagnosed and treated injuries missed by my GP. She truly listens and makes you feel as though you are the most important person on earth! I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Personal Best is just that - a huge dose of encouragement, support & bespoke treatment which has enabled me to fulfil my desire to have that healthy lifestyle I crave for and get closer to being the best person I can be! Suffering from chronic back pain last year, I received the very best care, always with a cheery smile. Their standard of professionalism and treatment is second to none and I just love their friendly, wholesome, holistic approach!
Originally went to Personal best for Chiropractic treatment 7 years ago but since then have used the services for sports massage, facials and even joined the fitness classes they have in the studio. Would highly recommend ALL the services. Really nice atmosphere, fantastic service and staff always cheery and happy to help. Well done.
A few years ago I took a look at my life and realised that all the things I wanted to be and all the things I wanted to do depended on good health. That was when I decided that in the words of the L'Oreal advert "I was worth it" and started personal training classes at Personal Best. There has never been a time when I've regretted it because it has kept me going 52 weeks of the year, help you do better work and prevented me getting the bad backs and aches and pains that normally go with middle-age. Thanks for another year of good health.
To the Personal Best Studio Team... you are exactly that, the best and personal!! I love the fact that there is always a positive vibe with cheery banter in the studio – a great soul booster on top of the physical training! And to all of you reading this who have yet to try their one2one training, you get a short massage at the end of each session – now if that is not motivation to try this out then I don’t know what is!! Thanks to all the PBS team for the support, laughter and tears(!) over the last few months!!
I have been going to personal Best for a number of years for chiropractic care, exercise classes and latterly podiatry treatment. Kristine, Carl and team are true professionals yet the whole atmosphere is comfortable and friendly. A great place for everything you need under one roof. Give them a try!
Over the last 2 years the team at Personal Best have helped me recover from a broken leg and a broken marriage. As a reluctant beginner to personal training, they have offered gentle encouragement on the darker days but pushed me to my limits on the brighter days, always sensing the right intensity to keep me coming back. The integration of stretch classes, personal training and deep tissue massage has released chronic tension, introduced me to muscles I never knew I had and helped me stand taller and feel stronger.

The studio is a lovely bright space for classes and workouts and the whole team are friendly and welcoming. They have a very holistic approach and offer insights into healthy eating, positive thinking and even manage to weave in a bit of humour to the sessions so that I always leave with a smile on my face looking forward to my next visit.
I am not remotely sporty and so was terrified the first time I came to a class at Personal Best. I needn't have been - Simon makes the class light-hearted and fun, even though we always work hard. I've enjoyed seeing myself gain in strength, stamina and physical confidence over the past two years and look forward to the sessions.
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