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Tanwood Property Partners with HMO-Profit, Stevenage

Tanwood Partners is a great company to deal with if you are looking to get started with an HMO investment. Tracey has expert knowledge on identifying a suitable property, managing the refurbishment and then running the HMO for you. This is a one-stop shop if you want to benefit from the higher returns that HMOs offer but you don't know where to start. We have used Tanwood for two properties and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

Vincent Giddings, Stevenage

I've been using Vincent Giddings since last summer and found them to be extremely easy to deal with and very responsive to any issues that come up. The inspection report they produce is very good and they organise maintenance, cleaning and gardening making life easier for me as a landlord. Most importantly, they were able to find tenants for the rooms in my property within 2 weeks of putting them on the market. I will certainly be using them again for my next property and wouldn't do so unless I was happy with the service.