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Tanwood Property Partners work with joint venture partners, investors and existing landlords to help them achieve the best results from the property investment market in Stevenage. Specialising in the HMO model (Houses of Multiple Occupation), you will find their expert help and advice invaluable.

Friendly, approachable, and extremely knowledgeable

Tanwood offers a range of services designed to help others benefit from the booming Property and HMO (professional room rentals) market within Stevenage, giving them a high level of monthly return and future income and capital growth, without the need to invest months of their own time in getting to grips with everything involved, or even having to search for the right property to invest proactively in.


Property Sourcing

If you want to invest in HMO property but can’t afford the time to look for the perfect opportunity, why not let the Tanwood team use their knowledge and expertise to find just the right property for you.  They will work tirelessly to find the perfect property that will provide the highest possible rental returns, always taking into account your personal criteria.  They’ll negotiate the best purchase price for you and even have a number of well-established solicitors and mortgage brokers, who can ensure that your purchase goes through quickly and smoothly if you really want to be completely hands-off.

Fully Project Managed HMO Conversions

Standard properties can yield a far higher rate of return when converted from a single family residence which is why the HMO appeals to most investors.  Tanwood will work with existing landlords, quoting for complete HMO conversions to maximise the monthly rental return and also provide this project managed conversion process for clients who have used the property sourcing service too.

  • Inspect your property and suggest improvements with costs for any work
  • Give an estimate of the returns you can expect once the work has been completed
  • Manage and execute any work agreed using their own team of experts
  • Suggest suitable furnishing and dressings to ensure you attract the highest quality tenants
  • Explore how to maximise your return by creating additional rooms utilizing the lounge and dining space



Tanwood Property Partners aim to be as flexible as possible and are happy to offer add-on services to enhance standard services built around the individual requirements of their clients.


Furnishing & Dressing

To attract the right level of tenants and to ensure your rooms are let quickly, Tanwood can furnish and dress your property to a high standard, using dressing skills which ensure your rooms have the ‘wow’ factor and achieve the maximum monthly rental income.


HMO Profit / HMO Training

If HMO seems like a strange concept or you’d like to learn more how HMO property investments could help you, Tanwood’s sister company, HMO-Profit, offer training and advice for established landlords and potential investors alike.

Property room rentals can be a minefield.  You need to ensure that you are fully informed about the financial and legal obligations you are signing up for as well as having to think about how you are going to convert a property into a great HMO, market your property and deal with any issues that arise during the tenancy.  HMO-Profits have a range of courses designed specifically for anyone who rents out property or is thinking on embarking on this high cash flowing journey.

If you’re unsure whether you would gain anything from HMP-Profit education, they offer a 30 minute call with their MD, Tracey Woods, so that you can decide which of their training courses might be right for you.


About Tanwood Property Partners

Having seen a gap in the market whereby by local businesses needed high quality room rental accommodation that they could provide for staff and contractors, Tracey Woods worked hard to build up a sizeable and extremely profitable portfolio of Buy to Let properties, including HMOs.  In fact, she was so successful that other people began asking for her help and advice when looking to invest in property.  From this, Tanwood Property Partners was born and since 2012 Tracey and her team have completed many client projects and worked with a large number of landlords and investors to help them get the most from their buy to let properties.

Clients of Tanwood Property Partners say that they go about and beyond the call of duty to help them get the best from the property investments.  Why not give them a call today and see why the property HMO market might just be the right place for you to be this year.


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