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Sleep Baby Sleep - St Neots, St Neots

We employed Tina to work with us on the arrival of our third child in February 2015. Having Tina during this time has nothing short of revolutionised our experience of having a newborn baby. Tina's enthusiasm, care, knowledge and experience have meant that we have been able to seek advice from her and also have help during the night in the full and secure knowledge that our baby was in the very best hands. In the early days of having a baby it can be so utterly exhausting and knowing that we can have respite from the constant night feeds have meant that we have been able to thoroughly enjoy the baby experience through much less bleary eyes than we had with our previous two children. The benefits of having Tina then become cumulative - as parents you feel more confident with what you are doing as Tina has guided you and you feel more energised and able to really cherish the early weeks with your baby. Tina has fitted into our family life brilliantly and our older two children adore her. Tina has a very natural and easy going disposition which means she is a pleasure to be around. Tina has definitely found her calling in life and is the perfect maternity nurse. I hope it is clear from this reference that we would recommend Tina without reservation and I would be delighted to speak with anyone considering employing her.