Windows 8.1 Free Update!
22nd November 2013
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Are you running Microsoft Windows 8?

Microsoft has finally released the stable version of its newest development... Windows 8.1! If you are already running Microsoft Windows 8, you can automatically and easily download the update through the Windows Store App as shown in the video link below

For more information about what the 8.1 update will bring you, please visit the Microsoft Windows Website or watch this introductory video as produced my Microsoft


If you are not running Microsoft Windows 8, you can ignore this update.

However, if you are running Microsoft Windows XP, support for your computer will end on 8th April 2014. Therefore it may be worth contacting me to discuss possible upgrade scenarios in order to assure your computer stays safe and secure after the 8th April next year.

If you have any problems when installing this update, even though it is a mainly automatic process, please dont hesitate to call or email me!

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