Please Open Fishing Lakes ASAP... I am going out of my mind!
20th April 2020
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As an NHS worker I’m aware of the importance of social distancing and keeping safe with reduced travel but....

Fishing is essential to good mental health and well-being. In some cases I would go as far as to say it’s crucial.

Most people only live a very short distance from a local fishing lake. So no long journeys.

Secondly the pegs are so far apart that it would be almost impossible to have a conversation let alone catch Covid 19.  Your at a far greater risk doing a supermarket shop.

Then there’s the fish ..... a lot of ponds / lakes are man made so the fish rely on the bate to survive.

The small business owners that run these lakes are no more at risk than all of the supermarket workers.

I see people running, walking and cycling for hours within close distances to other people. This is classed as acceptable! But the solitude of fishing isn’t.

The government needs to have a rethinking on some of these restrictions.

Please sign the PETITION below share you agree.


Credit to Janice Bell McNamara for the original post & buy bro Duncan for the Petition.

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