Why Have a Website?
30th September 2013
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Give yourself credibility

In today's age, regardless of your business sector, people are searching online for a business who can provide exactly what you offer. If you are in a specific sector then understandably there will be fewer people searching, but there are people searching for you! Businesses that don't provide a telephone number, email or mailing address can look shady online which will potentially prevent customers from contacting your business. A website is the perfect place to provide full and up-to-date contact details about your business.


24 / 7 Availability

Websites don't sleep. They work all day, everyday (even Christmas)! This gives these people who are searching for you online all the time in the world to come and find you. Websites allow you to gain customers and markets your business while you sleep without charging any labour costs.


Cost Effective Marketing

Unlike more physical methods of advertising such as putting an advert in the local newspaper or making and distributing promotional flyers, online marketing can be manipulated to only show your business to your chosen audiences online. This means you can advertise online to specific groups of people and only get charged based on how many people are shown your advert. Along with this, you can receive full breakdowns of how many people have seen an advert and who has clicked through to your website.


Accurate Traffic Monitoring

Using Google Analytics you can view how many people have viewed your website, where they came from, what pages they looked at and how long they spent browsing your site. This analysis can help to see which areas of your business potential customers are interested in and how you can remodel your business to concentrate on their needs.


Become Global

A website can be viewed around the world. A small business based in Cambridgeshire (like myself) could attract work from Europe, The USA and Australia! The limits are endless online and you could become a multinational company before you know it! The traffic analysis can also track users location to help monitor your visibility over seas.


Changes are Quick and Easy

If your business changes it's address, phone number or email address you can have your website changed in a matter of minutes (unlike business cards or other marketing material where you would have to have more printed)! Along with this if you want to promote an offer or new product your website is the perfect place.


Your Website Address

A web address is a lot easier to remember than a phone number, especially if it matches your business name.

For more information about a website for your business, please contact us.

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