Want to sell your house in St Neots - fast?
29th July 2013
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Take some of the stress out of moving with some of these tips...

Everyone knows that moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do. In-fact, they say it's inline with getting married!

Often it isn't an easy, straight forward decision either and it could be something which you are not doing out of choice, but because you are having to.

Maybe you need to move to be nearer your child's school, are being relocated by your job, or even just looking for a bigger and nicer house in a more affluent area! Whatever the reason, it's sure to have taken you a while to reach the decision that you are moving and now you have the daunting task of deciding when, how and, most importantly, who is going to be your estate agent!

So how do you decide?

Well, before getting a valuation it pays to do a little research.

Generally you will want to choose an agent that either gives you the highest valuation of your property or the one that charges the lowest commission.

However, be warned it isn't always the best way to choose your agent based of these two factors alone. Research those estate agents in your local area by driving around, looking in the local paper and, most importantly, by talking to people in the local area.

Once you have completed your research invite around three of them to come and give you a valuation on your home and then you can make your decision from there.

Why not try local company Giggs & Company Estate/Lettings Agent. Locally owned, they are renowned for their honest and no nonsense approach to buying and selling. What more could you want and need when faced with all the difficult decisions house moving brings?

Then when you need a property solicitor look no further than Simon Merchant Property Solicitor only 2 miles from St Neots town Centre.

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