Remote PC Health Checks
18th May 2014
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PC Health Checks allow you to ensure that your machine is working effectively and efficiently all of the time. I recommend that Remote Health Checks are performed once a month on both work and casual use machines to prevent systems clogging up and slowing down (prevention is better than cure).


A Remote PC Health Check includes a wide array of checks and tweaks to ensure that your machine is running at its best. Some of the main features of a Remote PC Health Check include:

  • Full Antivirus Scan
  • Driver Updating
  • Unwanted File Removal
  • System Start-up Tweaks
  • Hardware Review
  • Internet Settings Tweaks
  • System Security Checks
  • Computer Management Checks
  • And much more…


Remote PC Health Checks are charged at £10 and usually take around 30 minutes to complete. I recommend that Remote PC Health Checks are completed at least once a month to help prevent system breakdown. If you would like complete automation of Remote PC Health Checks, you can setup a monthly Standing Order payment and allow me to contact you every month when your Remote PC Health Check is due (hassle-free and at times suitable for you)!

**Introductory Offer – Buy 6 months’ worth of Remote PC Health Checks for the price of 5!

That’s 1 Remote PC Health Check a month for the next 6 months for only £50.00!**

Please contact Shaun Prince Computer Services for more information about Remote PC Health Checks

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