Kids Photography Club in St Neots a really hit!!
14th August 2013
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During the summer holidays Image Development Photographers of St Neots have run several Kids Photography Clubs and this is what they answered on a short questionnaire..

What have you enjoyed the most about the photography course? 

  • Learning how to make better pictures and having fun and not being like school!
  • Learning about manual settings on your camera and funny jokes
  • Going outside and taking photos of wildlife
  • Biscuits
  • Everything!
  • Biscuits
  • Going outside to take pictures
  • The practical work outside
  • Going out and taking the pictures, learning the basics which can help us in real life
  • Learning quite simple things that make a massive difference when taking photos


Is there anything you didn’t enjoy about the course? 

  • No it was brilliant
  • Nope
  • Nothing etc etc


Other comments? 

  • Food was good
  • I liked it that we went outside to take pictures
  • I got pranked!
  • It was really good and fun.  The teachers were laid back and fun
  • I really enjoyed it and would love to do something similar again at a higher level.
  • Steve was really funny but very informative.


Final kids course is next week, 20th and 22ndAugust.

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