Grow Your Business with Facebook
12th October 2013
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But why Facebook?

Here are some interesting facts about Facebook:

•65% of Facebook users are 25 and older.

•40% of Facebook users are over 35.

•The fastest growing demographic continues to be 55+.

•There are over 7 times more active Facebook users globally than there are people in the UK

•There are 60% more active global Facebook users than there are people in the USA!

•There are 32.8 million Facebook users in the UK. This represents over 52% of the population of the UK.

I think you will agree that an advert in the local newspaper wouldn't reach that sort of market!

What Facebook actually does...

"Facebook gives you the opportunity to interact and communicate directly with your customers in ways never before possible without any technical know how. You can share videos, share and upload pictures, link to your website or any other website and get your customers talking about your business, this is shared virally with all their friends bringing you brand new customers and reviving lapsed ones."


"The important thing to remember is when someone likes your page, they are automatically advertising the fact to every single one of their friends on Facebook, most of whom live locally, so for a local business to miss out on this viral and free advertising is absolute business suicide, you can be sure your competitor will be scooping up your customers if you are not there."


We are offering all new build and redesign websites a free professionally designed business Facebook page. With company logo and branding, Facebook can help you increase your customer base and your company’s online appearance (which is becoming more and more important to businesses). Communicate directly to your customers without expensive mail merges.

For more information on how to create a professional Facebook page, please contact us.
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