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We just wanted to send a huge Thank You for the advice you gave us for sleep training Lydia. Within 3 days we noticed an improvement in her night time sleeping but within 2 weeks she began sleeping through. Actually sleeping through! I'm talking 12 hours a night! A massive turnaround from not being able to self-settle, taking up to 2 hours to do bed times with rocking/holding/feeding to sleep and waking every 1.5- 2 hours needing resettling! Mark and I feel like different people now we are getting sleep, as well as evenings together again. Lydia is well rested and naps well during the day too- we have such a happy and content little girl now. I'm so sorry this email has been so long in coming, I think we have been waiting to make sure it wasn't a fluke and didn't want to jinx it!!
Tina provides exceptional customer care and has been our saviour in the early days of parenthood. She has decades of experience which means she has all the answers - even when we don't know which are the right questions to ask!
Tina has helped me with both of my children and she has been brilliant! She's given me so much great advice on how to get my babies to sleep and establish good routines which have really worked. She's helped me become a confident (and possibly even competent) mummy. I would recommend Tina and her services to anyone with a newborn baby or indeed any baby who isn't sleeping!
Tina is Professional and extremely knowledgable, also extremely caring and polite, me and my wife found her advice so helpful and Tina as a person is lovely. She was on time (even though our estate is a maze) and its clear to see she is driven by pure passion and that along with being highly expertised is what makes her seem like she has a magic wand! Me and my wife can not speak more highly of Tina and her results.
I cannot thank Tina enough for the advice and guidance she has given me on improving my twins' sleeping habits. Our initial consultation took place prior to their arrival & covered a variety of aspects that would get us on the right track from the start. Every question I asked Tina was answered fully and clearly & her responses weren't obvious ideas I could have found on the Internet (I consider myself to be reasonably well-informed of the various methods of sleep training having a 3 year old who wasn't a great sleeper as a baby). I have recently had a follow up visit with Tina and was once again incredibly impressed with the outcome. She has a very confident and caring approach that clearly comes from a wealth of experience. Tina is also neither preachy or judgemental and is primarily concerned with helping babies and families have more sleep and subsequently happier and less stressful lives! I am absolutely sure that there is no issue Tina can't resolve. And not even only sleep-related problems - this lady knows everything there is to know about babies! Having Tina demonstrate certain techniques was a revelation & has had immediate effects in our house. I can wholeheartedly recommend Tina & am so grateful to have found her.
I spoke to you last year after seeing a post on your Facebook and you were so supportive when I felt I was at the end of my tether I tried to get the support from my doctors but struggled, so decided to go to the consultant you recommended during our conversation and after changing to another milk again and getting tests and medication We realised Alfie was / has issues to milk protein, wheat, soya, gluten If it wasn't for you taking the time we wouldn't be on the right track with a fantastic diet recommended by doctor shah and also with him as our consultant. We have had to pay privately as the NHS didn't support us at the time but it was the best thing we could have done and you helped to get on to the right path. I am so great full I just wanted to be sure I sent you a message to thank you Xx
My 6 month old went from waking every 40mins through the night to sleeping through within 2 days. I can not recommend enough the service. Stick with the plan to the letter and it works really quickly
Amazing! We met with Tina again to look at helping our 6 month old sleep better at night (he was still sleeping in a next-to-me crib and getting up 5 times a night, 3 of which were to breast feed and needed rocking to sleep before you could put him back down...and then he would wake after 20 minutes.....and so on...he would start the first part of the night asleep on his dad's lap, so not good) He was not sleeping in the day unless on our laps (he had taken to the pram initially but was now too big for it so we were rocking him and sitting with him again...clock watching, praying he slept and did;t wake up or we'd have to rock him again....) and only sleeping for 30 minutes at a time. Despair, aching limbs, frustration and sleep deprivation led us back to Tina to look at a controlled crying and a sleep plan. We had never wanted to do controlled crying and were both really nervous about letting our little boy cry and leaving was amazing! Tina put a plan together for the day and night...a routine to help him settle into and on day one...he slept! In his own cot like we had only ever dreamt of! After 3 days and not much crying at all our little boy now sleeps in his cot in his own room from 7pm to 7am with maybe one wake up (which needs us to settle him) and two others (which amazingly he settles himself) and he is a different child!! He is also sleeping in his cot in the day and his afternoon naps are now getting longer as he learns to settle himself. Day 3 he slept for 2 hours in the afternoon! We are absolutely astounded at how much easier it was than we thought (we were not looking forward to it at all) but it seems that not only were we ready for a change, so was our boy. We still keep thinking its going to go back to how it was but so far it hasn't and Tina assures us that this is it! We are so thankful we did this and although we wouldn't have done it sooner than 6 months, we would recommend anyone looking to sort out their little one's sleep issues, to call Tina and get her on the case. Practical, honest and do-able advice which builds your confidence and works!! Our lives have been transformed...and I've even got time to write this review WHILST MY BABY SLEEPS IN HIS COT UPSTAIRS!
Tina worked with our family as a maternity nurse in 2015, spending several nights a week with our family starting from when our second child was only five days old and continuing until she was 5 months old. We engaged her services as I had a really hard time with our first baby and felt that some additional support, particularly at night, would be beneficial. From her first night with us Tina was immensely helpful, not only in providing respite (and sleep for us!) on the nights she was physically with us, but more generally in helping us to understand what Phoebe wanted and how to deal with her. Her many years of experience were really obvious – she had a fantastic understanding of, and connection to, Phoebe right from the start and was instrumental in helping us create a routine, providing advice on how to settle her to sleep and read her tiredness and feeding cues. Largely as a result of her advice and support Phoebe (now 6 months old) is a calm, happy baby who is a good little sleeper, a great eater, and fantastic at settling herself. We were especially impressed with Tina’s willingness to work sympathetically with us, sensitively offering advice and guidance that sometimes challenged us, but that was effective and – most importantly – was always suited to the parenting style we wanted to adopt. Overall I feel that Tina’s advice, helpfulness, understanding, kindness, calmness and emotional support were instrumental in providing a very different (and very positive) experience of having a baby than we had with our first child. Six months on and our family is happy and healthy and our two girls are benefitting hugely from a happy mum, a better-rested dad and a positive and cheerful home environment that has been established in no small part thanks to Tina’s services and help and support
Tina is one of life's little gems! The warmest most down to earth lady who instantly puts your mind at ease while offering sound advice working with you to ensure you are happy with the suggestions she makes. No judging, just helpful tips and plenty of smiles, Tina doesn't just calm the baby she will calm sleep deprived mums too!.
Tina very kindly spoke to me regarding my 11 mth old son for 30 minuets over the phone. After hearing the problems my partner & I were having, Tina then made some suggests which we put into place the next day. Within 3 days we've noticed a massive difference. Our son is only waking for 10 minuets & is putting himself back to sleep where before he would be up for 2 hours screaming & us not being able to placate him!! Thank you so much for the advise, it's made such a difference. xx Dec 2015
Such a lovely lady to work with, very professional, friendly and knowledgeable. (PS her little girls is so adorable and funny)
I instantly warmed to Tina even before I met her, but as soon as she came to our house I trusted her. She was so fantastic with our baby and I just felt like I knew things were going be ok. If it wasn't for Tina we would never have known our little baby had a wheat intolerance. On her first visit she diagnosed this due to his symptoms (not sleeping, pulling off the breast, crying when feeding or after feeding, gurgling stomach, reflux and wind) After changing my diet to a wheat and dairy free one, (as our baby was exclusively breastfed) he became a different baby! Far happier in himself, more settled and his reflux 99% vanished. We couldn't believe that none of the doctors or health visitors that we had so desperately been seeking help from had not diagnosed this. On Tina's second visit she focused on how to get our baby to sleep in the day without being held, something he has never done from birth so very tiring for us both. She suggested a technique to get him sleeping in his pram during the day - she demonstrated this on that second visit and within 4 minutes our restless, tired little boy had fallen asleep in the pram! We couldn't believe it! 2 days in and he's still managing to sleep in his pram using this technique. Amazing! We have many other challenges ahead with our baby but Tina has already made a huge difference to his and our well being and we know she will be there to support us on our journey to better nights and a less tired baby. She has been at the end of the phone when I have needed more advice and she is always positive - filling you with the confidence you need to believe that you can and will be able to achieve the things she suggests. I would say to anyone having any sleep issues with their baby to give her a call - on meeting her you will straight away know she is the right person to help.
My daughter contacted Tina because her 4 month old son was not sleeping well. Tina has given advice, practical tips and wonderful support and even though it's early days already there is a great improvement in his daytime sleeping routine. I met Tina myself and found her to be warm, caring and professional.
We highly recommend Tina to look after your baby. As first time parents she gave us invaluable advice and support in the lead up to the birth, during her time with us and afterwards if we had a question. We booked Tina three nights one week followed by two nights the next. In hindsight we should have booked her for more nights per week as she is such a tremendous help. Tina is highly experienced and gave us suggestions/pointers as to what would be the best approach for our little man. With her great help we worked through the issues of breast/bottle feeding, colic and sleeping to name a few. One of the biggest issues was getting him to sleep through the night. In our case this wasn't so straightforward as most books or people will tell you. Needless to say by following Tina's advice our son started sleeping through the night at five months old. To summarise we can't emphasise enough what a wonderful mentor she was during a new phase in our lives.
I am writing this as my baby boy naps (having settled himself) and having had consistently double the amount of sleep I have had for 6 months. Tina was so kind, friendly and comforting. She came to my house and together we went through the situation and she provided my with the confidence and motivation to try new strategies. She was then on hand by phone to review and a quick text to quell any concerns. I would not hesitate to recommend her and urge those of you struggling with sleep to make the call!

Reply from Sleep Baby Sleep - St Neots:
Thank you for this review Hellie. I am so pleased I was able to help guide you and your little one. It's always great to hear how a once sleep deprived family's life can be turned around with double the sleep!! Wishing you all the very best, Tina Southwood x
Finding Tina was like a blessing! I had been struggling with a very unsettled 10 week old baby. After having to push my Doctors visit after visit to get my son on a prescription formula due to signs of CMPA it was a battle... After being told it was just reflux. Tina took the time to speak to me and discuss the issues after doing her recent training specialising in the field and gave me hope that there was light at the end of the tunnel and I was on the right track with my son and that I wasn't being an over-protective first time mother. Thank you Tina
Finding Tina was like a blessing! I had been struggling with a very unsettled 10 week old baby. After having to push my Doctors visit after visit to get my son on a prescription formula due to signs of CMPA it was a battle... After being told it was just reflux. Tina took the time to speak to me and discuss the issues after doing her recent training specialising in the field and gave me hope that there was light at the end of the tunnel and I was on the right track with my son and that I wasn't being an over-protective first time mother. Thank you Tina
It was so reassuring talking to Tina. She clearly has a wealth of experience and knows exactly what babies and toddlers are like! I called her after many months of my toddler waking at 4am. Tina listened really carefully and came up with an individual plan over the phone. She asked me to call after 3 days to see how it was going. It felt so good to know she genuinely cared about how the sleep was going with my daughter and advised us on the next steps, without extra payment. I found Tina to be incredibly understanding and very honest. Her advice was specific to our situation and, although she could provide no guarantees, she had other ideas if it didn't work. Thankfully, for now, our daughter is sleeping much better, although you can never assume things will stay the same for long! I wouldn't hesitate in calling Tina again. She was professional, experienced, understanding and caring - and she got results!
I first heard of Tina through my sister who had used her services for her twins with great results.My newborn wasn't sleeping much in the day and I wanted some general advice and to know i was doing the right things. We had two consultations where Tina helped me organise a better routine for my son and gave me advice about the post natal depression I was suffering. Since then, we've kept in touch and I've been able to text for more helpful advice whenever I've needed it. Tina really knows her stuff and is always happy to help!
We employed Tina to work with us on the arrival of our third child in February 2015. Having Tina during this time has nothing short of revolutionised our experience of having a newborn baby. Tina's enthusiasm, care, knowledge and experience have meant that we have been able to seek advice from her and also have help during the night in the full and secure knowledge that our baby was in the very best hands. In the early days of having a baby it can be so utterly exhausting and knowing that we can have respite from the constant night feeds have meant that we have been able to thoroughly enjoy the baby experience through much less bleary eyes than we had with our previous two children. The benefits of having Tina then become cumulative - as parents you feel more confident with what you are doing as Tina has guided you and you feel more energised and able to really cherish the early weeks with your baby. Tina has fitted into our family life brilliantly and our older two children adore her. Tina has a very natural and easy going disposition which means she is a pleasure to be around. Tina has definitely found her calling in life and is the perfect maternity nurse. I hope it is clear from this reference that we would recommend Tina without reservation and I would be delighted to speak with anyone considering employing her.
Tina has been amazing and so helpful. The advice she has given us has transformed our baby's sleeping habits and we are all now getting a good nights sleep. I would highly recommend Tina to anyone. Thank you again Tina, you are fabulous.
Tina helped us out when our daughter was three months old. She transformed Emme's sleep and our whole parenting experience as a consequence. So when we were expecting our second we made sure Tina was booked in well in advance of the due date! Our experience this time around has been so much calmer and this is in no small part to knowing we would have Tina around from the very start. She has helped us to get Benjamin into good sleep patterns from the very beginning and he is a calm and content baby. Tina is a wonderful person to have around; both personable and professional in equal measures. She is a complete natural when it comes to babies and is also extremely pragmatic; if something needs to be changed to make your baby sleep she'll work it out. If you are willing to take Tina's recommendations and implement her advice I can guarantee your baby's sleep will improve in next to no time.
Since doing our initial phone consultation with Tina less than two weeks ago, our 5 month old Henry's sleep has drastically improved. I did not think that using uch gentle 'no cry' methods could get these results, especially so quickly. He went from waking 9 times a night on average to waking about 2. He also now goes to sleep at 7 and wakes up at 7. Tina, your advice has given just what our family needed - some sleep (finally!!) - thank you!

Reply from Sleep Baby Sleep - St Neots:
Annie, thank you so much for leaving me this review. As you know I am also delighted with the progress little Henry has made and thank you also for the very cute picture you sent me. He is one very cute and happy baby ;-) x
Tina has dramatically changed our lives! We are now all sleeping through the night. My son used to get up 2-3 times a night and it was very hard work during the day when we were all so tired. He also had lots of short power naps lasting no longer than 20 mins. I contacted Tina as she had helped a friend of mine with a sleep routine for her baby. My 23 week old son now sleeps all night and has a 2 and half hour nap at lunch time and 45 mins in the morning. He is much happier and is getting good quality sleep. I can't thank you enough for everything you have done for us. I have already recommended you to lots of my friends. Your help has been invaluable. Mrs O
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