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We couldn't be more thrilled with Tina's advice and help and wouldn't think twice about recommending her to anyone. We were at a lose with our LB who at 8 weeks was not sleeping in the day, without a huge amount of coaxing and up every hour and a half through the night. We were exhausted and knew very early on we were heading down a slippery slope if we didn't get help. From the moment I spoke with Tina on the phone I knew I wanted her to work with us. Her support and advice was priceless and within a week we were really getting somewhere. This is our 4th week on Tina's advice and my LB sleeps 2.5hrs in the day, 2.5/3hrs in the afternoon and a nap before our bath & bed routine. He slept thorough the night for the past two nights at 3 months old! We are truly happy parents who feel more in control and have a clearer understanding of the situation. But the main thing is we have a very happy little boy. We are so pleased we sort Tina's help early on and we really feel we are setting our little one up to be a great sleeper. Tina is warm, friendly and approaches you as an individual case, so it is tailored to your needs and what you are comfortable with. Thank you Tina you've been brilliant for us. Mrs F x
Tina was recommended to us by a work contact. Our second daughter was 11 months at the time and had never slept through the night. I was a breast feeding, co sleeping mum. This wasn't something I had planned, more a situation I had fallen into. I would fall asleep myself while night feeding and it soon became a habit. When we contacted Tina my daughter was waking and feeding (or comforting) anything from 2 to 10 times a night and I was exhausted. You can search the internet and read so much about babies and sleep but sometimes you just need someone to come in and give you direction. Tina doesn't have a 'one answer for all problems' approach. She chatted to my husband and I and came up with a plan for us that we felt comfortable with. After our initial meeting I was very impressed with the follow up support which was more than I had expected. Tina was the other end of the phone whenever I needed to run something past her. I am happy to report that after following Tina's guidance our daughter now sleeps in her own room for between 11 and 12 hours each night. No night feedings. We have had some wakings but these have been due to teething or illness and I am able to quickly resettle her without getting her out of her cot. Our daughters day sleeping patterns have also improved dramatically. Sleep is so important for both parents and growing children. We all need it to thrive! When you are in a situation it can sometimes be difficult to imagine that it could ever change but I am the other side of that situation now. If you are having sleep issues and feel like you don't know where to turn or what to do for the best then I would urge you to contact Tina. I feel like me again, I have more patience for my 4 year old and my husband and I are enjoying quality time together again after a year or so of living in sleep deprivation and going to bed at the earliest opportunity each night! Thank you for your help Tina :-).
Our second son was only sleeping 20 minutes during the day and fitfully at night, at five months old. He had a tough start with feeding problems and reflux and every day felt like we were just containing the next meltdown. With a two year old toddler to care for as well, I was utterly exhausted and anxious as there seemed no rest and hours of wakefulness in the middle of the night. I had a similar problem with my older son who after trying every sleep technique I could read about continued in this pattern until about a year old. Tina talked about working on getting my baby to sleep for an hour and a half in the day and I really didn't believe that would be possible. She spent time listening and looking and assessing things like his reflux issues and then made suggestions. I stuck with it for a couple of weeks and adapted slightly under Tina’s guidance, when the first ideas didn't work. I am absolutely amazed to see him sleeping for eight hours through the night now and through several 45 minute sleep cycles in the day. We are still a work in progress but I have the confidence now to get the little one to sleep. Tina is a warm and caring person. Both my boys love her and I wish I had known about her talents years ago! She has made such a significant improvement to our family.
Tina came to my house to meet with me and my then 6 month old baby. My baby was continuously fighting EVERY sleep (day and night) and I was exhausted and needed help. Tina was warm and friendly from the moment she stepped in the door and have me lots of hints, tips and things to try over the next few days. You can tell she clearly loves children and was fantastic with my little girl. The things Tina recommended I tried worked well and within just 1 week there was a vast improvement in my baby's sleep patterns and length of sleep too. I thoroughly recommend Tina and wish that everyone had a Tina in their lives! Especially us first time mummy's who haven't got a clue what they are doing! Thanks Tina! Emma from Peterborough.
Tina has been absolutely brilliant! We had a rough start with our 2nd baby, with him being in intensive care for 7 days after he was born. When we came home I really struggled to cope with him and a 21 month old toddler. Luckily I found Tina and she had been amazing. She’s helped me gain so much confidence and my little boy is much more happy and relaxed following the great advice she has given us. It might seem strange to invite a total stranger in to your house to sleep with your baby, but Tina is very reassuring and lovely to have around. I really don’t know what is have done without her!! Thank you Tina!!
Tina is fantastic, she cares so much about parents and babies, so friendly and professional I would always recommend her..
I contacted Tina after a friend mentioned that she had seen a local sleep nurse advertising. My son, 2nd child and 8 months old had never slept very well at night time and it had got to the point where some nights I was comforting him every hour during the night. Health visitors just kept saying let him cry it out, but I couldn't do it, mainly because I didn't want the rest of the house awake in the night. So, I contacted Tina, and what a difference she as made not just to Thomas's night time sleep, but to my life. I feel human again and no longer dread the night time routine. I can not thank Tina enough for helping us, she initially spent 3 nights with us and we now have him sleeping from 6.45pm to 5.30am and I'm sure that by following Tina's advice we can get that wake up to after 6 am. Really the advice is very simple, but sometimes it needs someone else who is not emotionally attached to stand back and try and work out why this baby us not settled. Thank you Tina for all your help. I'm sure we will stay in touch.
Our daughter Amelie is 9 months old now and from the start she was waking several times throughout the night. At first we just accepted it was part of being a new parent but it seemed to get worse, not better. It got to the point where Amelie was waking every 1.5 - 2 hours and taking ages to settle, we tried feeding, rocking, cuddling, singing, musical mobile,white noise, lights on, lights off, black out blind, you name it we tried her. We even tried the 'crying it out' one evening and my nerves were shot to bits. We were seriously sleep deprived parents and it was becoming very worrying that it would be this way for a very long time. This is when I called Tina, she came round the next week and could very quickly see that Amelie was sleep deprived herself! Tina seemed to know exactly what to do and she gave me a plan to follow. The plan didn't even seem difficult or unrealistic, in fact it was a pleasure to get a bit of structure to my day as much as my daughter! She also gave me other tips and pointers and 'what to do if.' scenarios and I felt very confident about just getting on and doing it. The first night she slept all the way through, I just couldn't believe it!! The next few nights were there were brief wakings and then back to sleep and I can very happily say that for the last 7 nights, Amelie has slept from 6.45 through to almost 7 every morning, no wakings !! She goes to sleep without musical mobile or rocking, she just knows when it is time to sleep. Also, she is much happier, calmer and far less 'wired' during the day. It is just incredible, we look at each other every morning and say, 'she slept through again didn't she!'. Tina we cannot thank you enough, not just for the hour that you came to our house and started this all off but for being there for the next few mornings when I reported back to you and you confidently gave me advice and tips of what to do the very next night. If you are a parent reading this and feeling very sleep deprived because your baby wakes frequently, please contact Tina, you really don't have to be suffering...Thank you Tina!
Sometimes when you are in a situation, it takes an outsider to come in and clarify what you need to do and how to do it. In amongst the pandemonium of two 4 month old boys. Tina was that outside person who helped us get our baby boys sleeping in their cots and not on mummy! We used a sleep therapist with our daughter (much later on I'll add!) and would recommend anyone to do the same (when baby arrives!!) Thank you Tina xxx
Tina was brilliant on several counts: she blended into the family perfectly, adjusting to our small house and a complex family rhythm involving a school girl and a newborn, in the most accommodating of ways. Most importantly, she was amazingly attuned to our baby straight away, sorting out her digestion, calming her almost magically, and getting her into a sleep routine that worked from the start. She gradually and gently got her to sleep through the night as soon as she was ready, after only a couple of months. Tina also made sure that everything to do with the baby was in proper working order,such as the sterilizer , and helped and advised us on our babies daytime routine as well as the night. On top of this she was well liked by our older daughter on the occasions where she was in charge of both children. In summary, Tina is an all-round star, and I recommend her whole heartedly as a truly fantastic maternity nanny.
Tina is amazing! My 20 month old was still waking at night and she helped me get through a critical moment with common sense, caring advice. She was so generous with her time, a great listener and inspiring, she gave me the courage to help us get more sleep without doing anything i didn't want to (she did not propose a cry out as others might have). She has great energy and a ton of experience, i can't recommend her highly enough.
Tina southwood helped us with our two month old baby from birth who had a lot of issues from birth. Tina was an excellent maternity nanny calm reassuring helpfull and only a phone call away to answer all our questions and believe me there was a lot of questions. I had no problem in leaving my baby with tina and knew she would be very well looked after. Tina is always on time and stayed till the morning if needed. I would not hesitate to call on tina anytime in the future she is a please to have around and put me and my partner at complete ease. All i can say is keep up the good work tina and thank you for eveything you have done and continue to do for my little family. Miss G L Huber & Mr J Loader
I am delighted to provide a reference for Tina Southwood. Tina served as our night nanny following the birth of our twins. Tina is an excellent maternity nanny. She was very good at settling the babies and establishing a sleep routine for them. She was discreet around the house, and she is also highly professional. She consistently arrived on time if not early, and in...the mornings she always stayed to settle the children before leaving. Most of all Tina was caring and affectionate with the babies. She gave them excellent care during the night, and in the morning she would often play with them to help develop their skills. Tina drew on a wealth of experience in caring for our children, and our twins responded extremely well to her calm demeanour and capable manner. I had originally been reluctant to hire a maternity nanny and did so only out of necessity. In the end however I found Tina to be an excellent source of encouragement and support, and my husband and I were so pleased to have found her. Her presence helped us to relax and enjoy the first few weeks with our new babies. I cannot praise Tina's work highly enough. I have no reservations in recommending her to any future family.
I met with Tina recently for a initial consultation to talk about my 2 week old daughter. She offered sound advice on ways to help my daughter who is suffering with Colic. Tina was very helpful in advising what service she can offer and how she can help with my daughter in the near future. Tina was very warm with my daughter and i feel I could trust Tina with her. I look forward to working with Tina in the near future to help establish good routines for my daughter.
I asked for Tina to work with us for a couple of nights each week while my baby (number two) was between 3 and 10 weeks old. I was impressed by Tina right from the interview - she was professional, punctual and and great with my two year old too - and soon fitted around our family needs easily. Tina has always been very pleasant to have in our home, is discreet, a good listener and offered sound advice based on her many years of experience. She was a great comfort in the early weeks of having a baby and I felt she really cared about our well-being. I can't recommend her highly enough and wouldn't hesitate to employ her again.
We were put in touch with Tina through an agency and were instantly impressed with her knowledge and experience on our first meeting. Baby Ethan arrived early and Tina was able to juggle some of her other commitments to help us adjust to our new way of life. She was naturally comfortable with our son, and he with her which immediately put our ease. As Ethan was early he had some problems with his digestion and Tina was able to advise certain techniques which would help him to settle. As our families live a long way away, it was great to have the reassurances that an experienced professional like Tina could provide and this certainly made the first few weeks a lot easier and less stressful ! The knowledge that Tina provided to us as new parents was immeasurable and allowed us a few nights of good quality sleep each week which enabled us to enjoy our new son even more. We would have no qualms about recommending Tina to our family and friends and hope she will still be available when/if we decide to give Ethan a little brother or sister! A true baby whisperer ! X x.
"Huge thank you to Tina. I live outside of her area (in Yorkshire) so she gave me a telephone consult instead after my 9 month old was waking every hour during the night. After just one session, Tina diagnosed the problem (she's over tired and over stimulated in the day) and gave me a plan and a schedule to fix the problem. It's early days bu...t I've now had 2 full nights of sleep and structured daytime naps - which will be invaluable when my second baby arrives in a couple of months. Thanks Tina, and I will call on you to make sure I don't fall into the same traps with number 2! As a parent you think you know what's best and of course most of the time you do but it's great to have expert advice to help along the way and give you the confidence you need to resolve any issues."
Thank you Tina.. She was wonderfully approachable and non judgmental about my daughters sleep problems. She gave me practical and achievable advice and was honest and supportive,just what I needed. We are in the process of implementing her plan:so far, so good!! Highly recommend.
I called Tina on behalf of my daughter. She had reached a low point after a tiring 4 months looking after her baby and a lively 3 year old. The baby had feeding and reflux problems and was beginning to wake more and more in the night at a time when she had hoped things might be improving. Tina was calm and professional and able to impart some hope and confidence in dealing with the situation (basically, enabling you to carry on when you're feeling defeated!). This kind of support is essential at the right time and often doesn't seem to be available through the normal channels. It may have been that the baby was just ready, but I believe that nothing beats having personal, firm, confident guidance from outside the family and this is exactly what Tina provided. I can honestly say that everything improved from that day. RM
I was a desperate mess last Tuesday when I called Tina! I have a 4 year old who has always been a good sleeper and a 19 month old daughter who has never really slept through and was starting to wake every night having huge tantrums. My husband and i were completely exhausted. I had read many of the baby 'help' books and tried just about all of the methods advised. Tina came round the evening I phoned her, she is lovely. I feel that the advice she provided was gentle on baby and parents. Within one day of implementing her advice we had a different child! Whilst we are not quite there yet (however it has only been less than a week) with sleeping through the night,we are definitely seeing a vast improvement. The tantrums have stopped and I havent had to get out of bed to settle my daughter in 4 days. Tina has followed up our appointment with telephone calls and has kept all her promises. Her advice and support has been invaluable for our whole family.
Tina came to us in Nov 2011 following the birth of my 2nd & 3rd children. She was highly recommended by a close friend and very much exceeded our expectations. Initially we needed a capable and experienced person who we could trust to take over caring for our 8 week old twins for a few evenings/nights while we caught up on some valuable sleep. Tina was more than able to do this, she quickly took over and confidently and seamlessly integrated into the family routine. She is helpful and a self-starter, she needs little direction and is extremely confident with small babies, I had total trust in her ability to expertly care for them straight away. She provided advice on a regular basis, would always ask after the twins development and regularly kept in touch to find out about progress. Although the babies didn’t have sleeping problems as such she was able to advise on enhancements to their routine and create a much better day/night balance for them. She also gave valuable feeding advice when we experienced reflux issues with my son. After 2 months I returned to work part time in London and we decided to have Tina care for the twins during the day & evening one day each week, to work in conjunction with our young nanny-in-training and also help look after our son who is nearly 3. I went off to work with absolutely no concerns about my childrens welfare and always returned home to happy, smiling, bathed babies. Tina was very keen to take the children to play group and other activities, she made the day fun for them while always ensuring they were safe and content. Tina was also happy to do jobs around the house as necessary, prepared home cooked food for the twins, drove our family car carefully and treated our home with respect. She is a professional who needs very little support and just gets on with the job, she was a pleasure to have in our home and has become a friend to the whole family and our nanny.Iwouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone in the future.
We contacted Tina a little over a month ago as our 21 month old daughter, who has always slept badly, was now waking 7 to 8 times per night. We had previously spoken to a paediatrician and family health worker, but had not found this helpful since they felt that the only option was a ‘cry it out’ method. Since we both work full-time we were feeling fairly desperate and when we initially spoke to Tina we were not hopeful that things would improve. Tina was calm and reassuring, and evidently very experienced. She set out a simple programme to try with our daughter, which built on what we were doing already, and gave me her number and email address so I could keep her posted. The first two weeks were tough, but Tina supported us through this, and at the end of three weeks we were amazed to see her sleeping through the night. This will transform our lives – when we’ve caught up on nearly two years of missed sleep! – and we were able to do it without making radical changes to the way we look after our daughter. I would unhesitatingly recommend Tina’s consultancy – especially if, like us, you feel you might have left it a bit too late.
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