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25th May 2017
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The latest gossip from Hollywood is that the film Scarface is going to be remade, set in modern day L.A. Whilst the nation’s bad boys may be pleased by this revelation, the problem for other men is that it may, once more, give the impression that scarring is a sign that you have a naughty past.

A survey by OnePoll discovered that 31% of men with visible scars feel pressurised to live up to the ‘bad boy’ stereotype. Guys who don’t want to portray themselves that way are inclined to become self-conscious about their scars; the survey suggests 15% of visibly scarred men said they feel the need to make a joke about it, or justify their scars when first meeting someone. 10% said they felt negatively judged because of their scars.

What exactly is a scar?

A scar forms when the skin has been broken. To bind the wound, the body creates collagen to help strengthen and heal the damage. This process continues for about three months, often causing the scar to become lumpy and/or raised. After a time, some of that collagen will break down and the scar will fade naturally over the next couple of years. If, after two years, it has not vanished on its own, it will stay put.

You don’t have to have had an injury to have lifelong scarring. Chickenpox and acne are very common causes, and stretchmarks are also classified as scars and are common in both males and females. In men, stretch marks occur primarily after rapid weight gain and loss, but can also be a teenage problem due to growth spurts.

Sadly, scarring can cause psychological problems, a lack of confidence and, in some cases, depression.

How to reduce scarring

If scarring bothers you, there are treatments that can help. There are many types of scarring so there isn’t a one-treatment-fits-all solution – some scars may be fairly straightforward to treat, others may need a mixture of approaches to achieve the best result. The good news is, improvements in laser technology, peels, micro-needling and other products mean you are likely to find a way to reduce their appearance.

If you’re concerned about scarring, contact us to talk about how what we can do to help and what you can realistically expect from each type of treatment. We largely use Fraxel® 1550 laser technology, steroid injections, PRP (Plasma Rich Protein) and Derma FNS micro-needling to reduce the appearance of scarring.

“Thought I would take a moment to recommend a St Albans company. It's The Skin to Love Clinic in the town centre. They are amazing, I can't speak highly enough! I contacted them in January as decided 2016 was the year to sort my skin out. I had indented scarring that drove me mad! Well 4 months later after subscision, Fraxel laser, Dermapen and PRP injections I'm over the moon with the results and soo happy I contacted them... So if anyone else has skin issues that nothing seems to work on then I recommend this place! (they never asked me to post anything but they truly deserve a 'big up'). [My] Skin is going to keep improving over the next 3 months as new cells grow. Super excited to see how much more it will improve. … It's taken a lot to post a picture of how bad it was. I hate looking at it but love my results!” L. A, Skin to Love patient


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