Tributes paid to Joseph Ball following hit and run incident on Monday
11th October 2011
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The head teacher of Milton Hall Primary School, Debbie Priest, paid tribute to six-year-old Joseph Ball.

Year Two pupil Joseph died after being hit by a motorbike on London Road, Westcliff, shortly after he left the school in Salisbury Avenue on Monday afternoon.

Ms Priest said: “Everybody at the school has been left devastated by Joseph‟s death and this is an incredibly difficult time for pupils, parents and staff alike.

“Joseph was one of the most able children in his year. He was very clever and hard working, always happy, and kind and helpful to his peers.

“His teacher has described him as being an „absolute delight‟ and the kind of child that everyone would like to have in their class.

“His friends have all been talking about him today and it was clear that he was loved by them all.”

Ms Priest said children at the school were invited to talk about Joseph and their feelings about the tragedy in special „circle time‟ sessions.

She added: “The local authority has been advising us on how to address the psychological issues faced by pupils, staff and parents following the accident.

“It was decided that the best and most personal way to address these issues with the children was to hold „circle time‟ sessions for each individual class.

“These sessions have given pupils the opportunity to talk about Joseph and about how the tragic events of Monday afternoon have left them feeling.

“We have also opened up rooms at the school today for pupils who feel the need to have further discussions with staff on an individual or small group basis

“In addition a drop-in room has been set up for parents to talk to staff over a coffee and where counselling will be available if required. This will remain open all week.”

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