The White Bus Acting to Screen Academy
2nd November 2012
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30 week course- due start date Jan 2013

20 students (max) 18 years +

Auditions/interviews to be held December 2012

Venue @ TAP Studio (The White Bus) Westcliff-On-Sea Essex

Dates: Sunday 1pm – 6pm (20 min tea/coffee break) £30 per session

Outcome: Individual/ tailor made show reels to be screened @ TAP Cinema.

Master classes/workshops (3 per term) include: -


Peter Davison (Film/TV/Theatre Actor)

Elizabeth Heery (Screen/Theatre/Radio writer/actor)

Perry Benson (Film/TV/Theatre Actor)

Sebastian Abineri (Film/TV/Theatre Actor)

Nigel Payn (1st assistant Director TV)

Dulcie Huston CCA Management (personal Agent)

Casting Director (TBC)

David Tucker (TV Drama Director)


Course covers: -


• Acting to camera techniques include: -

Close ups/long shots/two shots

Hitting your marks

Personal Continuity

Back timing a sequence

Marked floor for rehearsals (studio)

Crossing the line

Job roles on set (crew/make-up/continuity etc)


• Devising and script writing include: -

Improvisational workshops

Script work – scenes monologues/duologues

Layout of scripts for all genres

Genres TV - soaps/sit-com/drama/period/comedy/commercials

Genres Film- Drama/horror/Action/Adventure/Comedy etc

Developing your own devised scenes/speeches from above categories with professional writer.


• Characterisation workshops include: -

Researching a character for performance (all genres)

Developing a character from monologues/duologues

Improvisations based on character

Vocal training and accents

Working with a Director and actors

Working towards characters for show reels


• Your show reel: -

Developing scenes/speeches for your 5 minute show reel

Working with a professional Director/s

Studio work @ TAPS with minimal set/props/costumes/music etc



Screening (Filmed and edited by us)

Your own 5 minute DVD (show reel)


•Casting and auditions/interviews include: -

Personal Agents

Casting directors

Drama schools

The Spotlight

Presentation/how to prepare for auditions/

Photographs (professional requirements)


Audition techniques for film/TV/Commercials/Radio/Voice over work



Understanding call sheets etc


Please contact Sally Millest on 01702 352007 or

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