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21st October 2012
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Given that it is little exaggeration to say that the Internet has taken over the world, a professional website is now pretty much essential to the success of any business, be it local or global.

And if you're not convinced, here are just a few reasons you should think again.

Significant Market Presence

Through the internet, you can break through local barriers and become accessible not just nationwide, but any country in the world, and you are accessible to them 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This can hugely increase your customer base. If your business concentrates solely on a local area, a good website can set you above the competition within that area.

Lower Costs than Print Advertising

You can reach a large audience with a smaller investment. If you put your internet address on your business card, your customer or potential customer can visit your website and get a very good idea of what your product or service about. There will always be a place in business for print advertising, but through your website you can incorporate a Contact Us page allowing a potential customer to ask any questions they may have.

Convenient for your Customers

Your site runs every day all day, allowing your clients to visit your site for the information they are looking for without waiting for your business to open. Your website is a convenient way for clients to get information about you in the privacy of their office or home, in their own time. Add to that the idea that you can feature valuable information on your site for your clients, and you've got a higher level of customer satisfaction.

Improve your Credibility

I recently visited a 'company website' which was quite literally a dozen lines of plain text on a blank page (Times New Roman as well - surely the worst!). Despite this company having a reasonable reputation in the area, this total lack of professionalism sent me looking elsewhere.Your website is your best opportunity to show potential clients what your business is about. It would actually have been preferable for this company in question to have NO website than one which let it down so badly.

Keep your Image Up to Date

Many potential buyers use the internet to research any future purchases, your site gives you the opportunity to illustrate what your company is about, and your high standards for service and customer satisfaction. You can change the content on your website at will, keeping it fresh for those who visit your site more than once. New products and services, special offers and events can be added practically at the click of a button.

An Opportunity for Growth

It is obvious that since you can reach a much larger market, your company has the opportunity for growth. And word of mouth recommendation can come from an internet presence alone - how many times have you heard or said 'check out this website?'

Basically, you can use your website to work out, in advance, how you want your customers to perceive you. You can inject your personality into it, the ethos of your company as well as the nuts and bolts of what you do.

Given the value a website can add to your business, you are obviously going to want to get it right. Website development and design is, as a rule, best left to the experts.

This is where Revive Digital Media comes in. Based in Southend, their creative team can develop a professional website that reflect exactly what your business is about, help optimise your website to ensure it can be found via the popular search engines and if you already have a website that isn't doing what it says on the tin, they can help with developing your online marketing strategy.

If you are just starting a business Revive Digital Media currently have an offer for thebest of Southend members – you could get a £1200 website for just £100! See our offers page for full details and to contact them.

There really is no need to be afraid of the hi tech world we live in - with the right help it can transform your business!

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