O' Christmas Tree - pick the perfect focal point for your #Southend home this year!
4th December 2012
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Whilst there are some amazing artificial trees out there, many of us will settle for nothing less than the real thing.

Apart from the wonderful festive aroma it spreads through the house, the excitement of going out and choosing the perfect tree symbolises the true start of the festive season - and this coming weekend is traditionally the busiest for going out and getting the tree.

Now before you get carried away and buy the biggest tree you can find, check the space where the tree will go.  Consider the spread of the tree as well as the height and remember people will still have to live in the room so ensure you don't have to move the furniture out to get the tree in!

The garden centre is maybe the obvious place to go for a large selection of reasonably priced trees.  But consider supporting local businesses in Southend too.  At this time of year you will see signs springing up at the roadside pointing you in the direction of smaller enterprises or local farms for whom the Christmas tree trade forms a crucial part of their business success.  In the season of goodwill it may be worth spending a couple of extra pounds to get a personal service and support these smaller, local industries.

The cost of trees can vary depending on size and species, but these are some of the most common you will find.

Norway Spruce - cheap and traditional choice but will drop its needles, which can be sharp.  Maybe not ideal if you have inquisitive toddlers around.

Nordman Fir - rich, glossy green needles that will stay put!

Noble Fir - also hangs on to its needs well.  Has soft bluish green colouring and a lovely fragrance.

Fraser Fir - compact and upright, this tree is ideal for smaller spaces.

Blue Spruce - unusual blue grey needles and a rich scent.

Scots Pine - has the most traditional Christmas tree smell of all and twisted green-blue needles.

Think about how you like to decorate the tree.  Some have branches so dense you might find very little 'hanging' space.  With these the tree is the star and if you like to keep the decorations fairly minimal, would be an ideal choice. 

If on the other hand you like your tree groaning under the weight of baubles, bows, ornaments, candy canes and lashings of tinsel, then make sure you pick a tree with widely spaced branches. 

You can invest in a living tree, which can be planted out and brought in each year although the practicality of this for the average family household is questionable.  However, it's possible to rent a living tree which will be delivered to you on your requested date to adorn your home or office over the Christmas season and then collected after the festivities. For more information on this eco friendly option in Essex, please click here

And once the festivities are over, Southend Council will be offering its christmas tree recycling service again this year so there is no need to worry about a sad, brown tree still lurking in the back garden come Spring.  For full details of this service visit the Council website via the link on our Community page

Whatever your taste, space and budget there will be the perfect tree out there for you and your home - happy tree hunting!

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