Networking as a marketing tool
14th May 2012
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It doesn’t matter whether you’re a fledgling business trying to establish new leads, or an established name that has already made a name for itself, continual exposure and a trusted name are key to any business’s success.


If you want to let more people know about your business, gain more leads and enjoy sales, and meet like-minded business people for support, advice and motivation, networking is an essential marketing tool.


Yes, there are lots of ways you can market your business; direct marketing such as newspaper and magazine articles, brochures, flyers and leaflets can be very successful if targeted correctly, but they don’t come cheap. You may not get it right the first time and it does mean that once your campaign is out there, you have to sit and wait for a response.


However, networking is proactive, flexible and can have immediate results. You may only want to attend one regular meeting, or fit various ‘one-off’s’ around your schedule. Whether you work nine-to-five or as and when; you’re a busy professional or working mother; there is sure to be a networking event at a time and place to suit you.


Networking does take commitment however; there is no point in attending once and waiting for the calls to flood in. It’s about building relationships with other local business owners; supporting each other, offering advice and seeking out referrals on each others’ behalf. It may not be the most comfortable prospect for those of you who are naturally shy or reticent about promoting your business, but just remember – there aren’t many of us who aren’t a little nervous about speaking in public!


There are formal meetings; relaxed events; morning and evening functions; networking groups that require membership and commitment and events that are ‘pay as you go’, so take some time to discover the groups that best suit your personality and the way you conduct business and that confidence will grow.


Whatever your preference, networking is a fantastic marketing tool as there are lots of things happening at once. You are meeting like-minded, motivated business owners such as yourself. You are promoting your own business and learning more about other, local businesses that you may be able to benefit from. You are exchanging ideas that may not only benefit your business, but the community at large. Week on week, meeting by meeting, people are getting to know you and starting to trust you. Once that happens, you will start to see results.


So whether you are already a prolific networker or a newcomer, come along to Southend Rugby Club on May 24th 2012 from 6:30pm to enjoy 'An Evening with thebestof Southend and Southend Rugby Club' and try a new way of networking!


As Mr F said about our last event, “I have been introduced to more people tonight than I have all year through networking.”


Spaces are limited so please book today to avoid disappointment; please click here for more information and prices.

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