Luvly Jub-ilee – are #Southend's souvenirs of today our antiques of tomorrow?
6th June 2012
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Royal occasions will come and go, and with them they bring an abundance of commemorative 'collectables' in celebration. Suffice to say it will be a VERY long time before we experience another Diamond Jubilee, so is it worth sorting out the tat from the treasure to hang on to. Could our great grandchildren eventually benefit from our shrewd purchases now, and are there any Royal gems out there that we could gain from within our own lifetime?


Few of us have not watched an antiques programme and kicked ourselves as we see something we carelessly discarded several decades ago going under the hammer for hundreds, if not thousands of pounds. Which is perhaps why many of us are a lot more savvy when looking out for the potential of today’s collectibles. So are there any nice little earners out there in Jubilee land?


The first thing to bear in mind is that there are absolutely no guarantees, so it's wise to make sure anything you do buy you actually like. Secondly, even items marked as 'limited edition' will not guarantee a return; they could be 'limited' to several hundred thousand items.


However, anything that is not mass produced, or is likely in the normal scheme of things to be thrown away or damaged, may well appreciate in value if the item is beautiful or unusual and kept in good condition.


A fair bet is to invest in investment pieces - meaning, products by an established designer whose work is sought after with or without the Royal connection. This is likely to mean spending a bob or two, but this is where the 'buy what you actually like' rule comes into play.


Scarves could be a good investment, from the Hobbs Jubilee scarf with a fantastic street party design at a fairly reasonable £59 to Kate Middleton's, sorry the Duchess of Cambridge's, favourite designer Alexander McQueen's 'God Save McQueen' scarf at a slightly more eye watering £445. In between, Liberty have produced a range of special editions for £150. But you can definitely get your wear out of these before consigning them to the potential investments pile.


Another British classic, Mulberry, has incorporated a Union Jack etched detail onto the locks of a limited number of its classic designer handbags from £200 for a pouch bag to £1,700 (say it really quickly) Oak Ostrich Lily. Ok, that is LOTS of money, but these are collectibles in their own right, and the Jubilee connection will only increase their desirability both now and in the future.


However, let’s move on to what may be more within the reach of us mere mortals. 


Something a bit different, Wayne and Gerardine Hemingway are three time winners of the Street Style Designer of the Year award. They have created a traditional folding deckchair featuring a red Union Flag and a rosette motif declaring 'a right royal knees up.' At £55, if their reputation as designers continues to flourish this could prove to be an excellent investment.


Toys – we've all thrown away classics that change hands for hundreds of pounds now, how were we to know? But this is definitely one area where you cannot fail to know that the emphasis is on condition, quality and packaging. That doesn't always mean buy something and put it straight in the loft, just handle with care and keep the packaging safe. Again, the classic names are likely to be the best investment. Hornby has brought out a spectacular limited edition Silver Jubilee train set, and Corgi have a Commemorative Die-cast 3 piece set for £29.99 or a fabulous routemaster bus or classic mini for £9.99.  Pocket money will buy die-cast badges or keyrings in various Jubilee designs (the corgi is SO cute!)


There are plenty of potential investments to be found on the supermarket shelves. A Diamond Jubilee Champagne created by Moët & Chandon for the Royal family can be found on sale in Waitrose, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols. The famous Champagne house produced exclusive labels for the Silver and Golden Jubilees but this is the first time the Royal family has approved the sale of one to the public, and it retails for a very reasonable £33.49. (Interestingly currently available on ebay for £51 and rising!)


Mars has repackaged its Celebrations confectionery as Jubilations, and McVitie’s Diamond Jubilee biscuit tin is a contemporary piece of memorabilia which features the Queen on a stamp design – it’s the first time Royal Mail have allowed this image to be used out of context.


Love it or hate it Marmite (I love) is itself celebrating its 110th anniversary this year, and has produced limited edition Ma'amite packaging, temporarily available at Sainsburys. From Twinings Tea to Tabasco Pepper Sauce, choose carefully (bear in mind perishable items!) and you could well have a nice little earner, or possibly just a talking point and interesting reminder of this fabulous weekend.


There is nothing that stands still at the moment that hasn't been given a Royal angle, clothes, china, tea towels, it may not be easy to spot the potential money spinners, so keep your eyes peeled for the individual and the unusual, for quality over quantity, and most importantly, something you actually like.

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