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24th September 2012
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Got any recycling questions?

If so, these could be answered right on your doorstep, thanks to our top team of Community Recycling Advisors.

They have been calling door to door to speak with residents about how best to manage their waste, advising on matters such as what should go in the pink recycling sacks, how to get a blue food waste bin or when to put recycling and  waste out for collection.

Southend-on-Sea Borough Council and its waste contractor Cory Environmental introduced door-to-door campaigning to encourage even more people to recycle.  

The Community Recycling Advisors began by focusing on the Wednesday collection areas, the next phase tackled areas on the Thursday collection round, and the campaign has now reached areas where recycling is collected on a Tuesday.  

If you missed them, don’t worry, you can request a special visit by contacting 01702 617766 ext 211.

Jim Thompson from Kingsway, Leigh, who was contacted by the Community Recycling Advsiors said: “It was so helpful for someone to explain things to me face-to-face.  I can now make sure that I am recycling everything I can.”

Community Recycling Advisors are finding that Southend residents fully support recycling and want to learn more.  

The advisors give tips on how to make recycling even easier such as wrapping food waste in newspaper to make little parcels before putting it in the blue food waste bin.  

They also explain how the recyclables from the pink recycling sack are sorted at the Material Recycling Facility.

Southend-on-Sea Borough Council’s Executive Councillor for Public Protection, Waste and Transport, Councillor Tony Cox said “We’re delighted that residents are responding so positively to this campaign.  

“They find it very helpful to discuss recycling issues of all kinds with someone face to face, which then encourages them to recycle more.

“We need to reach our 60 per cent recycling target by 2015. Disposing of black sack waste to landfill is damaging to the environment and expensive.”

Alongside this campaign, Southend-on-Sea Borough Council, working in partnership with Cory Environmental is also recruiting its own Recycling Champion volunteers to promote recycling at local events in their community.  

There are over 200 volunteers across the borough all with an interest in recycling and waste.

For more information, please contact Cory Environmental on 01702 617766 ext 211, southendrecycling@coryenvironmental.co.uk or visit www.southend.gov.uk/recyclingchampions.

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