Keep your #Southend home safe from crime this Summer
23rd July 2012
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One in three burglaries is a result of windows and doors being left open or unlocked, even when you’re at home. So reduce your chances of being burgled by keeping all vulnerable doors and windows locked. The tell tale signs of back garden chatter, a plume of smoke and the unmistakable BBQ aroma will quickly indicate to the burglar that your attention is unlikely to be concentrated on the front of the house. Couple this with windows being left open on a warm day and you've given an open invitation to more than just your social occasion.


If you're going to be away for any length of time, ask a trusted neighbour to open and close curtains and check your house on a regular basis, and use a timer with a light after dark to give the impression that someone could be at home. Of course burglars are aware that these devices exist, but are far less likely to take a chance on a property showing signs of activity.


If you can't resist sharing your pre-holiday excitement with your Facebook friends, make sure your security settings prevent your holiday dates being advertised to 'friends of friends of friends.'


If you have an alarm ensure you use it, set it before you leave. If you don't have an alarm system it may be worth investing in one, or if this is outside your budget a dummy box can act as a deterrent.


There are things the opportunist burglar will look out for:-


  • Side gates open
  • Accessible windows open
  • Ladders left out, allowing access to otherwise inaccessible windows
  • Garden tools available to force entry
  • Untrimmed hedges or high fences preventing natural surveillance


Each of these makes access to the building far simpler and is an indication to the prospective burglar that it's worth a second look.


Don't leave the burglar a key!


  • Never leave a spare key concealed anywhere near the front door - burglars know all the hiding places
  • Prevent letterbox burglaries by storing keys away from the front door
  • Do not label your house keys in case you lose them and they fall into the wrong hands.


Keeping your property well maintained can also keep it secure. Rusty gate hinges, broken door or window locks, temperamental security lights can make the difference between a burglar walking on by or deciding it's worth a try. 


Laying a gravel path or driveway can act as an excellent deterrent, it's nigh on impossible to approach a house quietly over gravel!


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Burglary is a despicable crime that has a massive impact on victims and also affects other residents who may live in fear of burglary when there is an increase of it in their area.


Essex Police and Essex County Council are working together in your local community and have launched a Beat the Burglar campaign. Essex Police also have a team of Crime Reduction Officers who can offer help and advice to keep you, your property and your possessions safe.


Suspicious activity can be reported directly to Essex Police on 01245 491491 or through the non emergency 101 number.  If you prefer you can report concerns anonymously through Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. In an emergency, where there is a threat to life or a crime in progress you should use the 999 number.


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