How to Keep Your Animals Safe and Stress Free During This year's Fireworks
2nd November 2012
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Every year thousands of animals suffer as a result of fireworks being let off. People often don’t realise the seriousness of it and only concerned about having a good time.


  • Always keep dogs and cats inside when fireworks are being let off
  • Make sure your dog is walked early in the day before the fireworks start
  • Close all windows and doors and block off cat flaps to stop pets escaping.
  • Draw the curtains and if the animals are used to the sound of the TV and radio, switch them on as well.
  • Let your pet pace around, whine, meow and hide in a corner if it wants to (do not try to coax it out, it’s trying to find safety and should not be disturbed.


  • Hutches/cages and enclosures should be brought into a quiet room indoors or into a garage /shed.
  • Give your pet extra bedding to burrow into so it feels safe
  • Cover any aviaries or hutches with thick blankets or a duvet to block out the sight of fireworks and deaden the sound. Make sure there’s enough ventilation.


  • Fireworks must never be set off near livestock or horses in fields.
  • Anyone planning a firework display in a rural area should warn neighbouring farmers in advance.
  • Try to make sure that the fireworks are never set off near your horse’s field or stable. Tell neighbours and local firework display organisers there are horses nearby.
  • Keep your horse in its familiar environment, in its normal routine with any companions to make it feel secure.
  • If you know your horse reacts badly to loud noises speak to your vet or perhaps consider moving your horse for the night.
  • Try to remain calm and positive, as horses can sense unease and fear in a person.
  • Be careful yourself. Try not to get in the way if your horse spooks because you may get hurt.
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