Feel Good On A Friday
14th May 2012
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'Feel Good' On A Friday! 

Feel Goods Restaurant hosted a fantastic launch night on Friday 11th May in Adventure Island, Southend-On-Sea. 

Fantastic food, amazing entertainment and a fresh, feel good vibe throughout the whole night!! 

The highlight of the evening was to be able to meet many of the staff at Feel Goods Restaurant (whom were very polite, friendly and helpful!!!) and also to meet James Argent 'Arg' from The Only Way Is Essex Reality TV show!!

The drinks were extremely nice with a fantastic shakeaway milkshake bar with a choice of any sweets or chocolate bars you fancied all blended into a milkshake, yum yum!! (We took full advantage of this!!) 

Feel Goods menu was a variety of pizza & pasta with the obligitory side orders of garlic bread & chicken wings which were very delicious, all freshly prepared.  And being able to see into the kitchen and watch the chef prepare your meal was not only refeshing but also reassuring.

Overall it was a very enjoyable evening and I am sure this restaurant will be delighting the diners of Southend for many months to come.



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