Back to school time in #Southend, get top marks for preparation!
28th August 2012
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It's that time of year when mums look at their offspring and forget every misdemeanour, every temper tantrum, every Play Doh on the carpet and paint on the walls incident of the last couple of years and simply want to freeze time and keep them at home forever. Surely they can't be big enough for school yet? They're not ready (i.e. you're not ready) but the time is here and we have to deal with it.


First off, put your parental concerns to one side and be aware of your child's feelings. Hopefully they are excited, maybe a little bit nervous about their first day at school. They'll probably have lots of questions and it's important to be ready with simple answers... not 'wait and see' as this will just add to their worries. Happily new teachers, new friends and new surroundings are only 'new' for a short time and as they become more familiar worries will disappear.


Explain to your child that on their first day at school their teacher will introduce themselves and will tell them all about what they can expect to be doing at school. They will go over the classroom rules and the school rules so the children know what is allowed and what's not. Encourage your child to pay close attention and let them know that if they need to ask the teacher a question they are free to do so, just raise your hand first!


Hopefully your child will already know children in the same class, from nursery or playgroup for example.  However it is really beneficial to encourage them to say hi to children they don't know. The wider your child's circle of friends the less chance of isolation during the inevitable 'best friend' fall outs.


The night before 'first day' make sure they have everything ready, uniform if there is one, pump bag with PE kit, lunch box etc and try to aim for a calm, early night (for both of you!)


Wake up time on the first morning should be early enough to be ready with no last minute panics, but not so early as to have time to kill (and anxieties to build) before leaving for school. Stay light hearted on the way there, concentrating on the things your child is likely to find enjoyable but don't dismiss any fears they may have.  Most importantly, say goodbye with a smile and don't drag it out, and let them know you will be right there at the gate waiting for them when the school day is done... and for heaven’s sake make sure you are!


Then just walk quietly away with a smile and a wave and prepare to spend the whole day sick with worry...


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