Artside Festival to "PAUSE" #Southend
26th June 2011
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ARTSIDE festival of contemporary art taking place in and around Southend High Street from July 1st to 16th announces details of participating artists 

This year’s Artside festival, presented by CoExist and funded by the Town Centre Partnership and Arts Council England, will be presenting the work of more than 60 artists in a spectacular event of innovative and thought-provoking art. 

Artside 2011 is titled PAUSE, as its aim is to entice the viewing public to stop and ‘pause’ to consider the artwork before them. Artists have been invited to work closely and directly with venues in and around the Southend-on-Sea High Street to create installations and site-specific works that are either related to the type of business, to the individual stories of the people working there, or responding to the space itself.

Artists from all over the UK, Europe and the United States have been invited to exhibit their work and ideas for Artside. Amongst this plethora of national and international talent, many Southend-based artists will also be exhibiting – one-third of the artists involved in this year’s event are local to the borough.  

International Artists:

Julia Barclay

Dustin Grellar

Alena Dostalova

Stephanie Wuertz


National Artists

Paula Baker

Amelia Beavis-Harrison

Holly Bodmer

Christopher Bond

Maia Conran

Carl Gent

Sadie Hennessy

Morag Keil 

Laura Kennedy 

Mark Langley 

Lizzy Le Quesne

Life is Elsewhere group

Sally Mumby-Croft

Gillian McIver & Katia Ott

Kate Murdoch

John O'Hare

Ann Rapstoff

Steve Rosenthal

Tony Stallard

Helen Stratford

LH Trevail

Melanie Warner

Sue Willis

Nicholas Wright


Local Artists


Karen Apps

Alex Barrett

Richard Baxter

Stuart Bowditch

Scott Brave1

Sarah Buckle

Sally Chinea

Deborah D’Auria

Amy Frampton

Ann Harvey

Elsa James

Annabel Johnson

Laura Keeble

Anna Lukala

Madelaine Murphy

Damien Robinson

Fran Wilde


This year there will be many performance events and temporary installations happening throughout the town. Venue markers will be displaying QR barcodes. Visitors will be encouraged to scan these with their smartphones and find out more about the artists and events as they travel along the route.  

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