A quick reminder #Southend... don't forget to put your clocks back this weekend!!
26th October 2012
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So, the nights will definitely be rapidly drawing in from next week as we rewind our clocks by one hour on Saturday.

On the upside, we get an hour, free, bonus prize, call it what you will... but this year, don't just waste it. How many things would we get done 'if we only had the time'?

Whether it's a hobby we want to start or a job we want to finish, we just don't have enough hours in the day. So when a whole extra hour is handed, gift wrapped and free gratis, don't just let it get swallowed up amongst the other 24.

Now many people say 'woohooo, an extra hour in bed'! But do you need it? Will it be quality extra sleep that leaves you super refreshed – or just another 60 minutes spent vaguely aware of screaming kids outside whilst you try to have a lie in? If sleep is a luxury you rarely feel you get enough of then by all means, dedicate that extra hour to some serious zeds - just not as an extension of your night time slumbers.

Get up as normal, do your usual Sunday chores, read the paper, play with the kids - whatever Sunday means to you. But when you hit the 2pm dip, claim your extra hour! Head for the bedroom or a quiet space and indulge in a totally guilt free afternoon nap!

The extra hour is the perfect opportunity to finally get 'that job' out of the way. You might think that an hour spent sorting out your overflowing drawers, re-grouting the bathroom tiles or pressure washing the driveway is not what you would class as a treat. But it's a bonus hour remember, one you won't be given on any other day and one that allows you to get that job done without technically disturbing your routine at all. What it will achieve however is that niggling job you didn't have time for finally being crossed off the list.

If you think you deserve to dedicate your hour to pure self indulgence, give yourself a guilt-free home spa treatment. De-fuzz, polish, body brush, moisturise to within an inch of your life... give it the works, with your cheesiest music in the background. Just lock the bathroom door, light a few scented candles, immerse yourself in aromatic oils and sip a glass of bubbly. Remember, you can 'claim' your hour at any time of the day.

If that's a bit 'girly', service the car (well, check everything you know how to do anyway) and save some money, go watch Sunday football in the local park, sweep leaves and burn them up (men love to make fire!) teach yourself to whittle or hammer something (come on guys, you love to hammer too!) or, and I'm just putting this out there... while she's behind a locked bathroom door... book next year's luxury holiday?!

Spend an hour at an antiques fair or farmers market you've been meaning to visit for weeks. Go roller skating or book an hour's gliding lesson, bake cupcakes or get a tattoo.... whatever floats your boat, if you can do it in an hour, do it!

However you plan to spend your hour, spend it wisely. If we ignore the fact that daylight saving time will steal it back in six months time, this weekend we have a 25 hour day, and we actually got an hour younger overnight!

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