National Blood Service
  • At various locations
    across the
    Shrewsbury area
The National Blood Service: Do something amazing in Shrewsbury today. Save a life. Give blood.

Help Give Blood in Shrewsbury


The National Blood Service, not to be confused with the National Health Service, is dedicated to delivering blood and blood components with Great Britain. Every year the National Blood Service collects 2.1 million blood donations - they depend entirely on voluntary donations from the public.


To find out about blood donations in the Shrewsbury area, click on the weblink above

Donate blood or donate your time as a volunteer


To donate blood, it has to be properly screened and tested first. Every year, the National Blood Service collects and tests over 2 million blood donations. They try to encourage existing donors to give blood 3 times a year.

The National Blood Service welcomes blood donations at a number of locations in Shrewsbury. Shrewsbury Sixth Form College, Bayston Hill Memorial Hall, Shawbury Village Hall... Again, to find out all the information about giving blood in Shrewsbury, visit the website or call 0300 1232 3232.

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