Winter motoring tips
10th December 2009
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Winter is now upon us as Rugeley feels that bit fresher on a morning and you and your neighbours are outside scrapping the ice from windscreens. Do avoid boiling the kettle to defrost your windscreen as this can be very damaging to your car and wallet!

Make sure your car is ready for the winter to ensure safe and comfortable motoring. Here are a few pointers,

Engine - ensure your vehicle has been serviced to ensure the changing weather will not cause damage. Cold weather can make minor problems more serious very quickly. Make an appointment at Harveys & Co. for a winter service for peace of mind and efficiency.

Tyres - always ensure your tyre pressure is correct for safety and fuel consumption. Check the tread on your tyres as wear will increase stopping distances particularly in bad weather and you can be fined and given points for low tread. If you are unsure or require new tyres then call Trent Valley Tyres, your local Rugeley tyre specialist.

Screenwash - having empty squirters is also an offence that can see you having points on your licence aswell as being dangerous when the weather is bad. Ensure you have adequate squirter fluid made with anti freeze.

Battery- drop into Motorsave for all your winter needs including a free battery test. Your car battery will be under extra strain and so needs to be performing well.

Safety Kit - think about carrying a safety kit for peace of mind. These often include a warm blanket, first aid kit and warning triangle.

Lights - regularly ensure all your bulbs are working correctly and think about carrying a spare set. If a bulb is going to blow, more often than not it will be during the dark winter months.

Wipers - new windscreen wipers are a great winter purchase ensuring clear visibility. The frosty mornings will take their toll on wiper blades so get to Motorsave and see the benefit (pardon the pun).

Happy and safe winter motoring from thebestof Rugeley.


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