Stargazing Live - Appreciate the sky at night with this free star guide
16th January 2012
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This time of year is ideal to see the stars in all their glory but how many of us really know anything about the sky at night?

When the sky is clear you can witness the wonders of the universe right on your doorstep and with a little help from the BBC you can understand and fully appreciate the stars like never before.

Even if you’ve never tried stargazing before, you can get started with their easy-to-use star charts and Moon atlas.
When you’re ready for the next step, there’s more waiting for you at, including audio guides to the night sky and how to stargaze on your smart phone or computer.

The star chart pack is a super way to help you and the whole family appreciate and understand our sky at night and best of all it's FREE to download.

There are Stargazing LIVE related activities near you so click here to find out more

So what are you waiting for? There’s a whole world of incredible wonders above your head. Isn’t it time you looked up? Happy Stargazing!

Below you will find an example from the BBC STAR GUIDE


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