Spectacular Eye Wear by Framed Eyewear of Rugby
25th April 2017
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Why are Framed Eyewear the best?

This family team have many years of experience in the optical trade which means that they do not need to recruit separate sales people. They live and breathe their business and give personal service.

Framed Eyewear operate and maintain their own lab, this enables them to reduce the running costs that are commonly faced by high street shops.

Framed Eyewear make your glasses on the premises, thereby cutting out the middle men to reduce overheads.

Framed Eyewear operate their retail operation through their factory outlet shop, removing the need for expensive high street premises.

Framed Eyewear buy wholesale and direct from manufacturers enabling them to maintain fairly priced and very competitive prices on frames and glasses. All Brands sold by Framed Eyewear are totally authentic.

No flashy sales staff or hard selling at Framed Eyewear, simple honest, plain speaking good advice. Guaranteed.

Framed Eyewear are famed for their enormous range of frames with styles, shapes and materials to suit, light weight, attractive shapes and colours, with something for everyone.

Framed Eyewear are totally ethical, they will not sell something that you don’t need or want.

Frame Eyewear will make the glasses precisely as per your prescription.

The Company will extend the greatest respect to every client, their customer service is exemplary, a fact borne out by their excellent customer reviews.

Whether you need to wear glasses as a necessity or you enjoy eye wear as an accessory, you’ll find everything you need at Framed Eyewear Outlet. 


Budget frames are available starting from just £15.

Designer frames, carefully sourced and ethically sold.


Prescription spectacles, sunglasses and plain sunglasses.

Ready readers, reading spectacles as required.

Re-glazing using existing frames.

Framed Eyewear Outlet of Rugby has been supplying top quality eyewear and glasses for well over twenty-five years and is very well reviewed by their customers, many of whom return for their next pair of glasses, thanks to the excellent customer service.

Framed Eyewear Outlet is very highly recommended by The Best of UK, bringing the most trusted local businesses and the community together.

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