Rugby's got a lot of Heart, read why...
26th March 2012
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 "We know that when you give people and communities more power over their lives, more power to come together and work together to make life better - great things happen."
Prime Minister David Cameron

On Saturday 24th March hundreds of people from in and around the Rugby area supported a local fundraising event for Joel Richards and his family held at G-Force Martial Arts Centre.

Local businesses and individuals donated some fantastic prizes and gave their time and money to show how much they care.

Contributions and support from local people and local businesses helped provide a fun and exciting day that will be remembered for many years to come with over £5,000 being raised!

The generosity shown by the local community was immense and shows why as a nation, we are one of the most giving countries in the world.

Support even came from the West Brom goalkeeper Ben Foster who made a personal appearance at the event, demonstrating that his heart is in the community.

Every event, no matter how big or small has to have a catalyst, someone that brings together, organises and inspires. The catalyst and inspiration behind this event was Kirsty and Gordon Burcham of G-Force Martial Arts Centre.

Kirsty and Gordon's unselfish approach, hard work and determination were fundamental in rallying the local community together and raising such an awesome amount!

Despite the economic situation and the press full of doom and gloom, it shows the community in Rugby has a big and generous heart... Well Done Rugby

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