Rugby MP Mark Pawsey Calls Network Rail to account
7th February 2012
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Mark Pawsey, MP for Rugby highlights a number of issues relating to Network Rail organization's projects in Rugby during a debate in the House of Commons.

Mark highlighted the problem of increased noise on the railways following the upgrading of the West Coast Main Line, the overspend on the new Rugby station and issues relating to Network Rail’s involvement in the construction of the Western Relief Road.
Mark questioned whether the organization had taken on board the effects the upgrade would have on Rugby residents living around the railways.

Speaking after the debate Mark said:
“The changes to the rail infrastructure in, and around, Rugby have led to faster trains coming through our station without stopping and the consequence has been that noise levels from the railways have increased which is affecting the quality of life of some Rugby residents.”
Mark concluded:
“These are people who have, in many cases, lived near the railway for years and have been familiar and comfortable with the noise. Once the upgrade was finished the problems started and I believe Network Rail has an obligation to do all it can to lessen the effects of this increased noise and I shall continue to press them to do so.”
Mark also highlighted the issue of overspend on the new Rugby station, as reported in the Rugby Observer, and the issue of determining how much the project went over budget.

During the debate Mark stated:
“Although we have a great new station at Rugby, there are very serious questions about how much it cost to deliver.”

Mark also drew attention to a recent Warwickshire County Council report regarding the construction of the Western relief Road which attributed issues of access to Network Rail land as a major factor in the increased costs and delays involved in the project.
Speaking in the debate Mark said:
“The county council certainly believes that Network Rail was less than constructive in enabling the bringing forward of a project that would give broader economic and community benefits (for Rugby).”

Mark concluded his remarks in the debate by calling for improvements in how the country’s rail networks are operated and maintained identifying rail connections as a vital public service for Rugby and the country on the whole.

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