National Blood Week - it's time to roll your sleeves up and help boost blood stocks
10th June 2012
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National Blood Week
is Monday 11th June to Sunday 17th June 2012

It's time to roll your sleeves up -

Be a part of Team Give Blood!

This year during National Blood Week it is hoped, with the help of regular and new donors, to boost stocks by 30% by joining Team Give Blood and booking an appointment to give blood between now and the Olympic Games.

There are lots of regional events to encourage more people to become regular blood donors and highlighting the need to boost blood stocks this summer with the support of celebrities.

Do have a look at the National Blood Site for more details for what is happening around the country and celebrities backing the campaign to boost blood stocks for 2012.

Did you know World Blood Donor Day is on 14th June; the birthday of Nobelpic games appointment boost stocks give events world health organization donation london 2012  team give Prize winner Karl Landsteiner who discovered the blood grouping system?

National Blood Week is supported by the World Health Organization and aims to raise the awareness of the importance of blood donation and also thank blood donors around the globe and encourage others to join them!

In the build-up to London Olympics, British blood stocks need to be built up to 30% more than usual in preparation for the additional visitors attracted by the summer's events. Drawing on team spirit and the urge to be the best host nation as the UK prepares to showcase itself to the world help reach this goal -be part of it and donate!

Earlier this year Rugby MP Mark Pawsey and Rugby resident Andreas Kattou, the winner of the 2009 Mr. England competition, met with the Health Minister, Anne Milton MP.

As both Mark and Andreas are committed to seeing the number of blood donations in Rugby and across the country increase and the meeting was organised to step up efforts to publicise giving blood.

The NHS Blood Donation Sessions in and around Rugby are shown on our Events Section with full details of dates and times or alternatively check out the National Blood Service Website.

Register now and book an appointment on the National Blood Service Website.
It is always recommended to book an appointment.

Giving blood is quick, easy and most importantly, it saves lives!

It's time to roll your sleeves up - Be a part of Team Give Blood!


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