Mark Pawsey MP takes Mr England to meet Health Minister
28th April 2012
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Mark Pawsey MP arranges a meeting with Anne Milton MP to discuss greater awareness for blood donors.

On Wednesday 25th April Rugby MP Mark Pawsey and Rugby resident Andreas Kattou, the winner of the 2009 Mr. England competition, met with the Health Minister, Anne Milton MP.

Both Mark and Andreas are committed to seeing the number of blood donations in Rugby and across the country increase and the meeting was organised to step up efforts to publicise giving blood.
Speaking after the meeting, Mark said:
“I was delighted to introduce Andreas to the Minster. It is fantastic for Rugby that a personality from our town is keen to increase awareness on such an important issue. I know the Minister enjoyed meeting Andreas and found the meeting very helpful.”

Mark continued:
“With the Olympics coming up and the disruption that this might cause, it is vitally important that blood donations continue. With that in mind, I have asked Andreas to come back to Parliament in a few weeks time when I will organise for him to speak to other MPs and to continue to raise awareness for blood donations.”


Andreas Kattou said:
“I am very grateful to Mark for organising this meeting with the Health Minister. I continue to be keen to increase awareness around blood donors and am glad that myself and Mark share the same views. I look forward to coming back to Parliament to continue our attempts to increase publicity on this issue"

Please register now and book an appointment on the National Blood Service Website.

It is always recommended to book an appointment.

View our Events Section for NHS Blood Donation Sessions in the Rugby local area together with full details of dates and times or alternatively check out the National Blood Service Website.

Giving blood is quick, easy and most importantly, it saves lives!

Picture of the meeting in the Ministerial office: (from left) Mark Pawsey MP, Rt Hon Anne Milton MP (Minister of State for Public Health), Andreas Kattou (Mr England, 2009)

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