Mark Pawsey MP speaks up for Rugby Brewers'
7th November 2012
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News Release - Mark Pawsey, MP for Rugby

On Thursday1st November, Rugby MP Mark Pawsey spoke in a debate in the House of Commons that called on the Government to stop the rising price of Beer in pubs across the country.

Mark spoke in the debate specifically in defence of micro-breweries because two are situated in Rugby.

Speaking during the debate Mark said:

“Micro-breweries provide great diversity in the beer market. We have fantastic micro-breweries such as The Atomic Brewery and Wood Farm Brewery in my constituency, and we need to support the concession necessary to provide the breadth and diversity of product that is now available.”

 Speaking afterwards, Mark said:

“I was delighted to be able to speak in this important debate today. The price of Beer in pubs is getting out of control and if it continues to rise many pubs and breweries could go out of business.

Because of this I am glad I was able to put on record the valuable service micro-breweries such as those in Rugby have on the Beer industry. I hope that as a result of the debate prices will begin to stabilise so all jobs linked to the industry, be it in pubs or breweries, can be secured”. 

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